Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

Galápagos Islands: Natural Treasures & Amazing Wonders

Discover the Galápagos Islands at a leisurely pace as expert naturalists immerse you in the ever-evolving story of one of the world’s iconic ecosystems.
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Excellent program. Worth the relatively high cost. Group leader was excellent with her organization skills, personality and knowledge. I understand that Road Scholar is discontinuing this program, and it is a shame. Hope it returns some day.


This was an incredible trip. I stood on a beach as sea lions played around me. I saw a baby sea lion nurse and watched its mother push it away. I watched a land iguana dig a hole. I saw a senior citizen iguana that looked like it had a white mustache. I saw giant tortoises sitting in mud and baby tortoises being coddled in a nursery. I saw blue footed boobies and flightless cormorants doing a mating dance. I saw turtles swimming past my zodiac and penguins on the rocks. What a joy to see all of these beautiful animals in their natural habitat and knowing that they are so well protected by the people of Ecuador!


Great trip, learned a lot.


Despite the change in the name and description after we booked, this program was actually quite suitable for a somewhat older population. However I suspect, given what other groups on the ship were doing, that adjustments were made on the fly to accommodate our group, which skewed older and included a few people with some physical limitations. The group leader, Luis, also made clear at the outset that on any excursion, options would be offered and they would adapt the experience as needed. That being said, I did not feel that I missed much, although as a novice snorkeler, I would have liked more opportunities to try snorkeling off the beach as I was not quite ready for deep water. All in all, this was a fantastic trip of a lifetime and I would definitely recommend it. Luis and the two naturalists, Pedro and Emil, greatly contributed to the quality of the experience, as did the many interesting members of our group.


I give this a mixed review. While the brochure states it the Galapagos At A Slower Pace this is misleading. The daily tours appear to be arranged by a third party and/or the ship and are geared to the mainly younger groups and individuals who fill most of the ship. But you you get to see the Galapagos and its amazing wildlife. The ship, the Legend, is very comfortable and the crew and naturalists are very helpful. In spite of my reservations I am glad I went but I would have appreciated greater clarity by Road Scholar that the day excursions are not arranged by or under its direction.


Although this trip is promoted as "Galapagos at a slower pace", it is comprehensive and you can see everything you would in a full program. The walking is not strenuous but Galapagos requires physical agility and balance. People who have trouble with climbing steps, mobility, and heat sensitivity should seriously consider whether this trip is for them.


This is a truly an amazing adventure that exceeded our expectations. It is physically demanding and not for those with limited mobility, stamina and agility. The large ship allowed us to visit a wide variety of islands, each with its unique flora and fauna. Highly recommended for those who can handle its demands.


Our Road Scholar tour guide and Galapagos National Park naturalist were fantastic; so knowledgeable, patient, and with great senses of humor. I learned so much from them. Their sense of wonderment, even after years on the job, was infectious!


Our recent trip to the Galapagos was fantastic! The guides provided by Road Scholar, the Park, and our ship were very knowledgeable and willing to go above and beyond to help us understand the fragile relationships of the environment. Our thanks to all for such a life-changing experience.

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