Fired Up: The Many Sides of Fire With Your Grandchild

Get fired up as you learn all about the beauty and danger of fire with your grandchild. Discover how it’s used to create art, cook food and the effect it can have on the environment.
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Erupting volcanoes. Wildfires. Outdoor cooking. Glassblowing. Do these spark your interest? With your grandchild by your side, learn more about fire with real firefighters, survivalists, artists and fire dancers in exciting, interactive environments. See inside a real, working fire truck, and learn the dangers of the flames that can sweep through an entire forest or city. Find out how controlled embers can be fun as you play with fire to create beautiful artwork, discovering why nothing can hold a candle to this learning adventure.

Best of all, you'll ...

  • Experience beautiful glassblowing and fire dancing presentations from the pros, and try some glassblowing yourself!
  • Visit Mount St. Helens with a geologist to learn the effects of a volcano’s burning lava on the surrounding environment.
  • Learn how to create a fire with primitive materials and other wilderness survival techniques.
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