Southern Grandeur: A Private Voyage on the Mississippi

Come aboard a luxurious paddlewheeler for a classic voyage along the Mississippi, sailing to small river towns, Civil War battlefields and cultural hubs from New Orleans to Memphis.
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The lower Mississippi trip on the American Duchess is a wonderful trip. Not too strenuous and very wonderful Everyone should try to make this trip.


The American Duchess is a beautiful boat with a committed and friendly staff who will bend over backwards to make your trip enjoyable.


Wonderful trip. Our group leader, Bee B., was outstanding - very cheerful, knowledgeable and always available to satisfactorily resolve any logistical issues (all of which were minor). Especially enjoyed Bee's tales about Natchez! This program was very well-organized. It was great being onboard with a boat filled with other Road Scholars (interesting and fun people), and this program did an excellent job of accommodating differing physical abilities. Our trip scholar / historian (Brian) provided fascinating lectures. His presentations were further complemented by the American Duchess on-board Riverlorian (Steve). A very enjoyable educational experience, plus great excursions. The American Duchess paddle-wheeler was great - awesome food (particularly the fried green tomatoes, the various soups, the BBQ buffet, the lobster tails and the turkey with all the trimmings we had for Thanksgiving) and entertainment (nightly shows, plus the Liars Game), very nice cabins, and excellent housekeeping. The Duchess is small enough to be enjoyed, but large enough to find many places to hang-out (particularly the Lincoln Library). This program was perfect, a magical trip. I highly recommend this trip, but while the weather was fine in New Orleans and for most of the trip -- December in Memphis was a bit cold. If you do this program (which you should!), remember to pack a heavy jacket. The highlight, for me, remains the opportunity to travel the Mississippi River, which everyone should do!


even tho I was younger than most of the group, found each person to be really nice , this level of activity was fine for the 1st trip to take with Rhode Scholar, next trip I take activity level , will be higher. The food was GREAT=VERY RICH the paddlewheeler was really pretty, very upscale==my ankles were swollen the entire trip, carried a plastic bag with ice in it all around the ship== but I still walked for 1hr each day, & did all the activities. VERY MUCH FUN TO BE ON A PADDLEWHEELER


This was a wonderful trip! Road Scholar personnel did an exceptional job of coordinating the details and helping everyone have an exceptional learning adventure. The hotel in New Orleans was charming as was the American Duchess steamboat. Food and service were top notch. Everyone I met was inclusive and welcoming to me, a single woman traveling alone. Don't hesitate to book this trip for yourself.


A fine introduction to the French Quarter of New Orleans that should include the World War II Museum. Nice, guiet cruise up part of the Mississippi, stopping at Memphis, a very enjoyable city of the Sough.


A great trip up the Mississippi River from New Orleans to Memphis on a paddle-wheel boat. The boat was beautiful inside and very roomy. Off-shore excursions were fun and informative. Good food, nice bar. Interesting people to talk to.


I got a real good feel of that very mighty, lazy, inscrutable Mississippi River!


An easy going trip aboard a paddlewheel exploring the mighty Mississippi River. This program delivered everything promised and more.


This was a highly enjoyable and interesting program to me, especially since I was unfamiliar with that part of the country. The boat is beautiful, the crew and staff was friendly and efficient, and my fellow passengers were all I could have asked for.


A great program covering a very important part of our history, the Mississippi River, American Indians, French, Spanish and American exploration, and the old and the new marine traffic.


Road Scholar cares about its participants. From the moment you get off the airplane until you depart, they are at your side. They do absolutely everything to make your experience challenging and enriching. Travel with Road Scholar and you will return again and again, like I have.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

An outstanding program in all ways. Engaging lecturers, variety in subject matter, diverse activities on and off the ship, top-notch leaders, great food and excellent hospitality. I learned so much that I haven't stopped yet consulting recommended books. LThomas


This was a fantastic program, and my first one. Very educational. I'm not a huge lecture person, there were a few of them. The plantations, the visit to battlefields, the boat, the towns, the river, everything was beautiful. So accommodating, for those that needed an extra hand. Great group leaders! Highly recommended. 5 stars!


The website description of this trip was adequate.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

This was a fantastic program. If you want to cruise this is the way to do it. Europe could not compete with the affordable experience this program provides, and without exception the organization and execution of what is a larger group experience, could not have been better.


This was a fun, interesting, and enjoyable trip. We learned, laughed, ate too much, and enjoyed our trip. I'll certainly be back for another opportunity – – especially on another riverboat adventure


Excellent program, with everything included and covered - just show up and your totally taken care of and pampered!

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