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Wildlife in a Frozen Wonderland: The Antarctic Peninsula

Call “Land Ho!” as the glaciers of Antarctica rise out of the distance and step into in the other-worldly landscapes and spectacular wildlife for the ultimate learning adventure.
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13 days
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Wildlife in a Frozen Wonderland: The Antarctic Peninsula

Call “Land Ho!” as the glaciers of Antarctica rise out of the distance and step into in the other-worldly landscapes and spectacular wildlife for the ultimate learning adventure.
13 days
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Program No. 23018 60MEADV-0119
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At a Glance

Conquer the Drake Passage, sailing from the tip of South America to a frozen wonderland with no permanent human population. Watch mountains and ice shelves rise out of the Antarctic Ocean towards the sky as the sun unveils the final continent discovered by human beings. Aboard a modern expedition ship, discover the Antarctic beauty by Zodiac and foot. Join seasoned naturalists, biologists and historians on a thrilling learning adventure to Earth’s frozen desert, stepping onto the northern islands and bays of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Best of all, you'll ...

  • Ride in Zodiacs to step foot on the Antarctic continent and visit penguin rookeries, research stations and awe-inspiring lookouts.
  • See and learn about the adaptations that allow wildlife — seals, whales, penguins and more — to thrive in the frozen Antarctic.
  • Marvel at the dramatic landscapes of Tierra del Fuego with local experts, as mountain peaks reach towards the sky and glaciers calve into the ocean.

General Notes

Due to the nature of this program, listening devices are not available.
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The Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning, A Polar Journey
by Carol Devine, Wendy Trusler
An insightful miscellany from a 55-person environmental cleanup expedition in Bellingshausen, Antarctica. The authors’ travelogue is supplemented by 42 recipes, anecdotes, journal entries, vignettes and captivating photography.
Antarctic Explorer Map
by Ocean Explorer
A full-color map of the Antarctic Peninsula, including Tierra del Fuego, the Falklands and South Georgia, at a scale of 1:2,750,000. With a map of the Antarctic continent on the reverse.
Lonely Planet Antarctica
by Lonely Planet
Alexis Averbuck, author of the new edition of this compact and surprisingly handy guide, expands coverage of Ushuaia, the Falklands and South Georgia. With a wildlife guide and contributions from 26 Antarctic experts on the history, geology, wildlife and future of Antarctica.
Antarctica, A Call to Action
by Sebastian Copeland
Copeland's collection of striking photographs includes a three-page list of sensible suggestions to protect the planet.
Southern Light, Images from Antarctica
by David Neilson
Photographer David Neilson has turned his six journeys to the ice over the last 20 years, often with the Australian Antarctic Program (and sometimes lugging a 30-pound large format camera), into a coffee-table tribute to the continent and its wildlife. Includes 130 color and 100 rich black-and-white oversized photographs, gate-folds and double-page spreads that portray the drama and beauty of the Antarctic.
The Heart of the Great Alone: Scott, Shackleton and Antarctic Photography
by Sophie Gordon, David Hempleman-Adams, Emma Stuart
Here in one handsome book are hundreds of haunting photographs by Herbert George Ponting and Frank Hurley, drawn from the albums they created during the two most famous Antarctic explorations. The stunning images are accompanied by lively essays, maps, paintings and other ephemera from the Royal Collection
Frozen in Time, Murder at the Bottom of the World
by Theodore Jerome Cohen
A scientist with the 16th Chilean Antarctic Expedition in the 1960s, Professor Cohen turns his experiences and actual events from the time into a novel with a strong setting at Deception Island and the South Shetlands.
Forgotten Footprints, Lost Stories in the Discovery of Antarctica
by John Harrison
A frequent lecturer aboard expedition ships to the Antarctic, John Harrison mixes his own adventures with tales of the seamen, sealers, whalers and plain lunatics who have journeyed to the Ice to make their fame and fortune. He focuses not on Shackleton, Scott and Amundsen but lesser-known tales of the Antarctic Peninsula, South Shetlands and Weddell Sea.
Antarctica, A Guide to the Wildlife
by Tony Soper
Designed for the field, this compact handbook features all the species of birds, seals and whales the traveler is likely to encounter on an Antarctic voyage.
Antarctic Wildlife
by James Lowen
Produced by a shipboard naturalist, this handy identification guide focuses on the Beagle Channel, Drake and Peninsula regions.
End of the Earth, Voyaging to Antarctica
by Peter Matthiessen
In this fine book, the result of two voyages, Matthiessen captures the magic of polar landscapes and wildlife, along with the camaraderie of a ship-based polar expedition.

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