Cuba Today: Remedios and Havana
Visit the historic town of Remedios, unspoiled by mass tourism. Discover the history and culture of Havana as you meet with musicians, artists, entrepreneurs and more.
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Mary Ann
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A wonderful trip, especially experiencing a smaller town in the countryside, traveling through the country and then enjoying the color, music and energy of Havana. I learned so much about the Cuban people and truly was said to leave. The skill, generosity, professionalism of our guides, Jim and Yohandra, was spectacular. The group was curious, interested, flexible and engaged. Road Scholar introduced us to so many aspects of the culture, art, music, economy and so many different people which we never could have experienced on our own. I have wanted to go to Cuba for years and am so glad I didn't wait any longer.
MANY times I could not access website information
This educational trip was an excellent representation of people and culture. Visiting Cuba should be on everybody’s traveling list. An eye opening experience
Road Scholar did an outstanding job with the Cuba - Remedios and Havana trip. We loved meeting the local people and learning about their culture.
My trip with Road Scholar was perfect in every way. All the events were better than expected and the people that I met on the trip are new friends. I will be planning another trip soon.
It was a wonderful experience and wish I could have helped more.
If you are considering a trip to Cuba, don't delay! Road Scholar makes the country come alive and the faces you see, the sounds you hear and the sights you witness will stay with you far beyond your return home!
Loved our trip to Cuba many thanks to Jim for making our trip informative, and fun. Can't wait to take another trip on Road Scholar
Cuba is a must, sooner the better. I now have a different perspective on a lot of things. First trip a guide is essential. On my Cuban trip we used Roads Scholars, they were absolutely spot on all facets. Every day was different, well thought out. Both the Roads host and our native Cuban guide were very good, fluent in language and customs. If asked about Cuba,one of my companion travelers said he would answer "it's complicated". So true
I found out after I could no longer withdraw from the program without penalty that I would have to stay in Charlotte overnight both before and after the tour. I therefore had to pay $345.60 addition expenses that was not stated upfront by Road Scholar. I learned from four other participants on the tour that they were reimbursed by Road Scholar for additional expenses that they incurred under these circumstances.
The Road Scholar and Cuban guides in this program conveyed in-depth knowledge and information each step along the way in our itinerary.They answered ALL questions fully and openly, getting back to us in the group with results of research when they needed to.The two of them complemented each other really well - they are smart, experienced, humorous, well-prepared, articulate - by adding their own input on topics the group wanted to hear more about. Our stops to visit the dance studio, community centers, church, museums, sugar cane factory, printing shop, cigar factory, family home, gave us access to places we may not have been aware were available or accessible. The guides also were flexible about the itinerary, adding an optional visit to a beach with swimming in clear blue warm ocean water, with drinks available on the beach, and dinner just steps away afterwards. Our bus driver went out of his way to make the added beach visit possible. Kudos.

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