The Allure of Martinique: A Touch of France in the Caribbean
The enchanting island of Martinique boasts fascinating French history and breathtaking Caribbean beauty. Explore this unique island with naturalists and local experts.
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great website. Thank you for asking my opinion. And this review is from Jane, not Phil.


This was a relaxing, yet educational trip. Accomodations at La Pagerie were excellent. The hotel is within a couple of minutes of great restaurants and the beach. Susan, our guide, was very knowledgeable about Martinique. This trip is a little more laid back than some Road Scholar Trips. There was sufficient free time to make dinner choices and find things of personal interest to do. Travel from FLL to Martinique was very efficient with Norwegian Airlines. If you are a French speaker, this trip is special. Travellers do not need to know French, however. I would suggest reading about the area and Napoleon's wife, Josephine, before leaving the USA. The trip overall is a great winter break.


Very interesting tour to a Caribbean Island that is part of France. Roads Scholar helps you understand the country better, while still allowing free time to explore the island on your own.


I recently returned from Martinique, a beautiful Island in the Caribbean! With its nice sunny days, beautiful flora with lots to see and do, it was the perfect getaway from the harsh winter! Keep this place in mind when you need to regroup! Rita Champagne Washington, D. C.


Our trip to Martinique was fantastic. Seeing all the beautiful sights and having an extraordinary guide made the trip perfect. The lectures and site visits taught us so much about this beautiful island!


Martinique is an enchanting, very French tropical isle. The program kept us engaged and interested in exploring the geographical, cultural and historic elements of the country. The hotel, location, restaurants and shops in the area, plus the option for additional activities was well planned. I loved the tropical rain forest, the guide Tina is a gem!. Our very own leader Corrine was fabulous! I loved it. NZ Menlo Park


We enjoyed the French culture and sights of Martinique. Susan, our group leader was extremely helpful and prepared. It was a pleasure meeting her and the other participants on our trip.


This is a very good Road Scholar Program in an interesting location. I am very glad I participated and I highly recommend it. With a little better organization and communication of details and expectations, it can be a great program.


Practice your French, breakfast on fresh-baked croissant, drink Bordeaux wines, feast on haute cuisine, all without leaving the Western Hemisphere. Add in tropical breezes, glorious sunny beaches, AOC rum cocktails, and fascinating lore and homes of historic personages, and what's not to love about Martinique? Most North Americans gravitate to the English-speaking islands when visiting the Caribbean, and miss out on the magic of Martinique, frequented more by Euro-spending Europeans, especially the French who don't even need a passport to arrive. Though several Caribbean cruise lines make Fort-de-France a port of call, there are few North Americans who immediately think of Martinique when contemplating a Caribbean vacation. Road Scholar has therefore filled a void by establishing this program, now in its second year, to showcase "The Allure of Martinique." The program is well designed to educate participants on how France administers its overseas departments, integral parts of the republic, not territories or colonies, more akin to Hawaii than Puerto Rico in its relationship with the mainland. It also enlightens Road Scholars to the legacy of slavery through visits to the Savane des Esclaves and the Cap 110 memorial. But it also includes programmed beach time on both the west and south coasts. All told, the program provides a nice balance of recreation, education, relaxation and intoxication with the French culture in a tropical setting. It's a chance to parlez-vous without the jet lag and a perfect escape from the dreary winter weather of North America. Martinique is unique!


The Allure of Martinique was excellent. The weather was nice and the island was beautiful. It is a short trip from the US if you want a getaway just to experience French culture and a great tropical island!


This was a completely delightful introduction to a unique Caribbean island. People who come to one harbor for one day on a cruise ship have no idea what a rich experience they are missing. The program was well organized, comprehensive, varied, and allowed time to follow personal interests. The team of instructors and guides complemented each other. If you want to see a side of the Caribbean that digs deeper than drinks with little umbrellas, this trip is recommended.


Great trip! You will enjoy this beautiful tropical island and learn something new, too! Norwegian Air recently initiated cheap direct flights from JFK and Miami that make this island more accessible than it has ever been.


Our leader, Corinne, was magnifique!


A great blend of history, French culture and interesting cuisine


Martinique has my vote for the most beautiful island in the Caribbean, and I have visited many others for comparison. The French culture is delightful. This tour offers a good and varied itinerary and the hotel is superb and well located. And, the price is right!


This truly was a tropical adventure with a taste of France. Fascinating program; beautiful place. This was a wonderful introduction to Martinique. I felt I got a great sense to the island. The accommodations and food were top-notch. I absolutely return to Martinique on my own and I will feel confident and comfortable doing so, thanks to my experience with this program.


If you want a taste of island life , first settled by the French, this is a great start. the volcanic eruptions make a picturesque experience


Absolutely great program. Very interesting island. Highly recommended!


There were a number of very interesting tours. The flower gardens, Mt. Pele the volcano, sugar cane factory, banana farm, the library, beautiful views from our coach as we drove from one area to another, the white sand beach, the various types of medicinal plants that grow in Martinique.


Martinique is a beautiful and interesting island and truly a little piece of France. The program leadership is especially good.


The experience in Martinique was fabulous, a welcoming people with a rich, complicated history and culture. The tropical environment helps to ease you into the drama that is Martinique's heritage.


One of the greatest frustrations of the website and company is the non-availability of email correspondence. Not all of us have the luxury of calling and waiting for a call back. In addition, the travel department is not open 24/7. There was a problem with my husband's return ticket on Norwegian air lines, and our group leader, after one hour and heroic efforts, finally got him on the plane. However, the travel department could have resolved this problem more rapidly and directly.


Martinique program: a highly recommended journey into the people and culture of this French outpost in the Caribbean.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

This is a must visit for any person interested in History, food and culture. Very friendly people and great winter or summer gate away, I have visited this island twice. Looking forward to another visit soon. Thank you. RBB


This was a lovely December island get away Martinique is a pretty island, the hotel was pretty and clean and in a great location for local shopping and restaurants. The group leader, Corinne was superbly well organized and personable. It was great having some free time to breathe and walk around and site sight. Nice group of travelers, but I've never traveled with a group this large, 22-23, makes it difficult to get to know people (names) in 7 days. Hopefully, routing will be improved, I had 15 hour travel time from Los Angeles to Martinique because of JFK routing.


The people and cultural of Martinique is amazing! C'est Magnifique!


The Martinique program was full of adventure, and there was never a dull moment. The Flex part of the program allowed individuals to pursue their own interests during the planned activities, and the small group structure worked very well. I want to return to Martinique, perhaps with Road Scholar, but I will make my own transportation arrangements, just so I can avoid JFK International Airport. Contingency planning is not that airport's forte. (At the start of our trip, our Norwegian Airlines plane had to return to JFK, due to a lightning strike possibly knocking out the navigation equipment). The ground/ticketing personnel at JFK were not ready to accommodate us or even keep us informed, resulting in long, long standing and waiting periods and some chaos. It made for a long night. The rest of the trip was worth the effort, and the Group Leader and Instructors were absolutely spot-on! This was a beautiful place, with a very interesting history. I look forward to returning.


Great program. Met lots of interesting people and learned a lot.


Allure of Martinique is a chance to spend a week getting to know the island's beauty, beaches, rain forest, mountains, and food. What was more important to me was the chance to get a different tourist perspective by meeting local people for in depth discussions and learning about the island's history, culture, and economy. Road Scholar mades that possible.

G. Robert

Our first Roads Scholar trip and what a gem! Great combination of beautiful tropical weather and rich history make this a perfect winter venture. The hotel was excellent, the food...well it is French, and the easy access to Port of France by ferry (5 minute walk) make this a great location. The way that the history of slavery is dealt with is particularly compelling. I recommend this trip highly.


Excellent program!!


An excellent balance of education, beach, touring and cuisine providing a most cost effective introduction to Martinique - a delightful French Caribbean experience.


I just returned (March 7) from a delightful visit to Martinique. The hotel (La Pagerie) was very comfortable with good beds, linens, and strong shower. The pool area is lovely with plenty of towels supplied. The breakfast buffet was large, varied, and delicious. I suggest you bring a wash cloth and shampoo and conditioner as these were not supplied. They did have a combo bodywash-shampoo however. Also, carry a small lightweight umbrella as it did rain a little almost every day but cleared up very quickly. The tour leader, Corinne, was superb. She is very knowledgeable, organized, and welcoming to the group. Casual clothes will take you everywhere. No need to bring anything fancy. Norwegian Air was very comfortable. There was plenty of leg room even with these economy seats. We weren't crammed in like on American or United. However, nothing is free on the flight not even water. They do offer food and drinks for sale with payment by credit card only. There are ATM's around to get euros. Bon Voyage!


An excellent program-great instructors-Martinique is a very interesting island-welcoming people and and a VERY NICE Hotel


I loved every minute of it. Everything I experienced touched me deeply and will stay with me for a long time.


The program was masterfully designed and balanced to enable us to experience and begin to understand the culture, history, sociology, natural world and culinary delights of Martinique. Corinne is a group leader "par excellence" who enriched our travels a hundredfold.


So much better than having to discover a beautiful island by yourselves


A great trip. It was informative and interesting. It exceeded my expectations. The tour guide was well informed and went out of her way to make sure everyone was having a good time.


The group leader, Corinne, is outstanding. She is very knowledgeable, friendly, and enthusiastic. The field trips, activities, lectures, and other learning experiences are consistently informative, interesting, and fun. The hotel and meals were very good. The physical beauty of Martinique and the friendliness of its people will charm you. And so will the rum punch which is offered just about everywhere you go!

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