Expedition North: The Wild Beauty of Greenland & Labrador
Reindeer. Humpback whales. Viking vestiges. Discover Greenland and Newfoundland & Labrador, a harshly majestic Arctic outpost not just endured, but embraced by its friendly residents.
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For whatever reason, I have always been drawn to the North, so when I saw that Road Scholar had teamed up with Adventure Canada to offer an expedition to the Arctic, I could not pass up the opportunity to satisfy my curiosity. And, as I gathered information about the trip, I was told there was a good chance of seeing northern lights, another long time quest of mine. The trip turned out to be remarkable in many, many ways, and I actually believe that it has changed my perspective as a traveler and a person. First of all there is the lesson to maintain flexibility and to make adjustments in plans. One does not argue with the Arctic weather: winds and waves control the ship's agenda, and the main priority is safety for all on board. So, scheduled stops may need to be abandoned and other plans substituted. . Which brings us to the leadership and staff of the expedition. Adventure Canada is a family operation, and the family is on the ship. The CEO and the expedition leader are a married couple who travel with their two young daughters and other family members. They radiate competence, concern, and ability and have found a multi-talented staff of experts to provide information. Some of these experts were from the Inuit community and able to give first-hand accounts of their life and traditions. The scenery is starkly beautiful both in good weather and under less favorable conditions. High mountains, glaciers, occasional drifting icebergs, and deep fjords are among the sights. Bears and whales were seen. On hikes we saw hillsides covered with brightly colored small plant, a wonderful surprise in what is otherwise a tonal landscape. Fellow passengers were an additional positive aspect. Most were Canadians who were well-travelled and well-informed with much experience in outdoor activities and very pleasant to interact with. All in all, a wonderfully rewarding experience!


Road Scholar partnered with Adventure Canada for this trip to Greenland, Northern Labrador and Newfoundland. It was an outstanding trip. This was our second trip with Adventure Canada and hopefully not our last. The trip provided wonderful opportunities to see nature, visit small communities, hike, and hear an abundance of lectures from first rate experts. We had several Inuit experts on our trip that added an enormous dimension in enriching our experience. Our Road Scholar leader Jean Knowles maximized our experience by including numerous additional opportunities to meet with the experts, over dinner and through special Road Scholar activities. Adventure Canada is committed to giving travelers a world class experience to see a part of the world they know. I would recommend the trip in a heart beat.


Expand your awareness. Be welcomed by cultures different from your own. Increase your understanding of how interrelated the world is. Enjoy it all with friends who will make you go beyond your own perceived limits. And do it all with laughter and excitement!

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