The Mekong and Icons of Southeast Asia: Ha Long Bay, Angkor Wat & Luang Prabang

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty and unique culture of Southeast Asia on the beautiful Mekong River, in Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay, and in the historic temples of Laos and Cambodia.
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An incomparable trip! We loved everything about it: our guide Thuyen, the agenda for our trip, the variety of experiences, and our fellow travelers. Every day was full with enough down time to not get too tired. It was a busy two weeks though and no opportunity was lost for us to experience the 3 countries we visited. I recommend it highly.


Knowledgeable, accessible guides and a well planned variety of activities, historical background and sightseeing made this a perfect introduction to Southeast Asia.


My trip was well-organized and well-run but included spontaneous and delightful moments too. The group was inclusive and the activities fascinating.


This is a wonderful thought provoking adventure. Three different cultures, three World Heritage sites, and a river voyage on the Mekong, all in two weeks. Plus, the program had a truly outstanding coordinator, one of Road Scholar's best. What else could anyone ask for?


I've always wanted to visit SE Asia. This trip was a great introduction to the history, people and culture of the region. I learned so much and saw so many amazing sites, from the bustle of Hanoi, to the quiet morning bike ride through Luang Probang, the shores of the Mekong to the awe inspiring temples of Angor Wat. Our group leader, Thuyen, was an exceptional guide. This is our second Roads Scholar trip, and like our first, I've seen and learned enough to know I'd like to return.....


Exceed my expectation of just seeing Angkor Wat. Hanoi and Laos were great experiences. Just beware that Laos (Mekong River) was very smoky in March when we went.


A great trip, go for it!!!


This was a great trip because of the 3 different locations of the trip, all different and interesting.


The trip we recently completed to VietNam, Laos and Cambodia was fabulous. Activities were varied, educational and interesting. The group stayed enthusiastic and felt they were learning for the entire trip. Time in the cities was busy and stimulating. Time on the river motor relaxing. Thuy, our guide, was the best. We trusted her to get us transported and assist us with immigration activities. Highly recommended.


Late March is when all of SE Asia farmers burn their rice fields. Expect programs at this time to be smokey. You will not see a blue sky at all. The smoke will make it look overcast all the time. All the vibrant shades of green of the jungles will be muted like looking through a never lifing fog. According to locals, best time is late October. In Late March (end of dry season) there are no mosquito's so don't bother with all those pills. When we arrived, guide correctly told us to not bother taking them. First of all the itinerary doesn't go into the Malaria areas and second in late March there are no Mosquito's to bite you.


This was a really wonderful trip! Very well planned and our guide Dung, was superior. High;Ishtar was the time on the Mekong Sun riverboat...private for just the Road Scholar group. We have traveled extensively and loved all our Road Scholar adventures, but this one is special.


I spent 4 years researching the "best way" to get to the Angkor temple complex. This program far exceeded my "wants". It's subtitle was ancient capitals of SE Asia. Therefore it took a long view of the political history and culture of the 3 countries we visited. It combined the beauty and serenity of nature (cruising on Ha Long Bay and the Mekong River) with the bustling tourist activities of Hanoi and Siem Reap (Angkor temples). Each day was full of unique experiences and pure pleasure.


I found this program to be an excellent overview of countries that I had only read about in stories. I had no idea well how the people of those countries accepted us. It was a wonderful experience for me.


Mekong and Icons of Southeast Asia was wonderful adventure with smart and fun fellow travelers - Road Scholar thought of everything from getting my Vietnam visit to the shocking fact that U.S. dollars are preferred currency instead of Riel in Cambodia - sign up and take their advice to travel light.


A fascinating trip that provides a brief introduction to three very different environments in a fairly small area in SE Asia. It is perhaps towards the top of its activity rating, especially with regard to many steep and irregular steps.


This trip was a marvelous eye opener. The boat ride on the mighty Mekong with Mr. Ben entertaining all with a wealth of informal information was priceless. All of our compassionate and erudite guides, Bros, Joy, and Thuyen (the most excellent leader) are a privilege to know. "Kop Jai, Ly Ly Ly" !!!

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