Slovenia & Croatia: Hidden Coves and Ancient Treasures by Sea
Set sail by small ship through the crystal blue water of the Adriatic Sea to medieval villages, hidden coves and the picturesque coastlines of Croatia.
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WONDERFUL! Loved this trip in every way! It was the perfect combination of nature, villages, & cities! This region abounds in BEAUTY, & history & political ping pongs! Our guide Biba was excellent! As a native Croatian, her passion & knowledge of the region was a delight! The tour was jam packed with so much variety, & yet never did I feel rushed or that there was not enough time. There was a great balance of free time & structured times; time to wander through villages; take wondrous walks along the island coastlines; or join the Croatians in their sacred custom of gossip, & people watching as they partake of expresso at one of the of the endless sidewalk cafes. My initial concern in signing up for this trip was my propensity to sea sickness. Much to my relief, that concern was quickly put to rest as we were told the boat would not be permitted to depart if Bora(wind)was brewing. Thank goodness we only sailed in very calm waters, & always alternative trips by bus when we could not leave. Having been to Italy several times, I had been ignorant about their neighbor Croatia. Much Italian influence evident as we wandered about & I am grateful to have added beautiful Croatia & Slovenia to my travels!


Slovenia & Croatia: Hidden Coves and Ancient Treasures by the Sea. An adventure to a less-traveled part of the world, rich is history and an evolving current society, all seen during shore visits from your private yacht, which gives you a glimpse into what it would be like to be rich and famous.


Our Croatian guide, Alan, was delightful. He was very informative, had a good sense of humor, and effortlessly led us through Croatia and Slovenia.


Kudos to Road Scholar for providing another Superb trip! Our guide, Petra Lozica, is a national treasure. She did a brilliant job leading and enlightening us. The itinerary was well thought out and paced. Slovenia & Croatia are undiscovered gems--beautiful and historic beyond imagination. Each and every port and town offered incredible experiences.--too numerous to detail. It was great beyond our wildest dreams. We feel we are discriminating travelers and we were constantly awed. MSY Barbara was comfortable, well-maintained, vintage teak chic--a delightful crew; fresh, appetizing meals with lots of variety. We were able to go into intimate little villages and be with the people and enjoy local festivals. Lake Bled and Ljubljana were out of a fairy tale. Everyday was a new adventure that exceeded our expectations! We will be putting Road Scholar #1 again on our travel plans. It is the best value/price/experience--especially accommodating for solo travelers. I highly recommend this program. Bravo!


A wonderful trip to a lesser known part of the world. Sailing up the Dalmatian coast on a beautiful ship, great food, interesting side trips, and ending in gem-like Lake Bled. A real value.

Mary Anne

When I told my family and friends that I was going to Croatia, they said "where?" My two lifelong friends and I had the best time. Our group was small, but we enjoyed meeting and getting to know some terrific people. The activity level was great and we all learned so much about these two beautiful counties, and being on a boat was better than I imagined. I highly recommend this trip...we had such a great time.


This is my third Road Scholar program, and it is the very best one. Excellent leadership and great balance between structured and free time. Overall, an excellent experience.


This is another one of very enjoyable , delightful and inspiring trip I have been taking with RS. I did not know what to expect at this unfamiliar region on a small ship , but after this trip, I am so glad that I chose to participate in this program .Look forward to future adventures with RS at different regions, preferably small ship learning adventures. Thanks to all who have made this trip a wonderful and memorable experience for me.


A wonderful trip for any who enjoy a bit of adventure along with cultural and historic perspectives.


A well balanced program of beautiful country, interesting towns, coastline, and sailing. Don't be put off by the designation of activity level. There are well developed paths in all areas and the option to do only part of a path. I choose this program because I knew little of the countries and now have added to my list of beautiful places to visit.

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