Costa Rica
Birding in Northern Costa Rica: Tanagers to Toucans
If Spotted Woodcreepers and manakins are on your birding life list, join us for an exploration of northern Costa Rica! An estimated 894 avian species call this country home.
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A great way to spend ten days away from the Northeast weather, traveling around Costa Rica and getting to see the fabulous bird life with knowledgeable nature guide...planning to do the southern program in the future,,, Will Sigle
I highly recommend "Birding in Northern Costa Rica" to any birder who wants an expert guide to the amazing birds of this beautiful country. We saw 298 species including the Turquoise-browed Motmot, the Great Green Macaw, and the Three-wattled Bellbird. 242 were life birds for us. The trip was exceptionally well-organized from the moment we stepped off the plane to our farewell dinner. We plan to return for "Birding in Southern Costa Rica" in the future.
As much birding as you want in beautiful surroundings. I saw more than 320 species, including tinamou, bellbird, puffbirds, and great raptors. The guide Erick was great. Something for everyone, as often part of the group would go for a swim or even a siesta, while others birded. The boat rides, all three of them, really added to the program. Expect lots of walking.
We can't say enough good things about our trip! Our guide, Gilberth Molina ("Chito"), is not only a fantastic birder but has virtually every personality trait that makes a perfect trip leader. The trip was very well organized and virtually stress-free, with many small details designed to make the trip enjoyable. If you love birding, and seeing some coffee-table birds in glorious color, then you'll love this trip! Thanks to Chito, we saw some amazing birds that everybody would have missed if he hadn't caught them. Ornate Hawk-Eagle, Sunbittern, toucans galore, antbirds, Snowy Cotinga, tinamous, and on and on. We also saw lots of other animals including several species each of reptiles, monkeys, bats, and larger mammals. Expect hot and humid weather, which is made bearable by the fact that this is why all these fabulous wildlife species live there!
Jo Ann
This was a wonderful program! I enjoyed visiting different areas of Costa Rica and experiencing different climatic zones. The group leader, Chito, was an exceptionally good leader.
This was an incredibly joyful experience with a great guide and a diversity of environments. There was much new learning about Costa Rica and amazing birds were found by Guito who was able to hear birds from afar and locate them! There was no hiking, only easy walking, the only more active activity was climbing the stairs to our various lodges, but level floor rooms were also available if needed. Each of the lodges was outstanding in accommodations and food, really great food!
This trip is fun, full of delightful experiences and more birds than I dreamed of.

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