Cornwall: England’s Hidden Treasure
Venture to the famous Falmouth Harbor to learn about Cornwall’s 4,000-year-old history, from the ancient standing stones of Bodmin Moor to medieval castles and historic mines.
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It could not have been a better experience. Come prepared for changeable weather, and you will not be disappointed. The guides, the beauty of Cornwall, the opportunity to see and hear about places you've never known before are all simply right on target. Thank you, Tony and Peter. It could not have been better.


This journey lingers in memory like a colorful feast. First, the Group Leaders represented Cornish charm at its best. Harvey Prescoe, managed 20 of us with style and elegance, while Pater Maxted, author of “The Natural Beauty of Cornwall” shared stories with wit & grace. High on my credits are the never-ending views of site-specific architecture. Granite fishermen’s cottages on beaches, row houses in villages, and manors, hidden in wooden parks, all speak of the peninsular’s unique geology. Everywhere we travelled, Bodmin Moor, tin and clay mines, 16th century castles brimmed with history. From Bronze Age monoliths to writers’ and artists' havens, we marveled. Virginia Woolf’s Lighthouse, Daphne DuMaurier’s Jamaica Inn, Poldark’s Engine House, and yes, Dr. Martin’s Port Issac Surgery all captured our fancy. Also exciting were 2 motor boat excursions that unexpectedly included a Falmouth Bay parade of yachts assembling for the Golden Globe Race. Returning to London, we clamored for Cornwall Hidden Treasure II where we can again discover magical vistas and taste cream teas and pasties.

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Harvey Pascoe is the most outstanding Road Scholar leader I have ever met. His attention to detail, his commitment to each of the group's safety and comfort, his local knowledge, and most of all, his wonderful Cornish Charm made this trip one of the best ever. Harvey is a treasure!


Too much paper booklets on this trip. Coordinate between Roar Scholar , Harvey and Tour organised Wallets etc

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The group of travelers was very congenial and the guides were knowledgeable and kind. The hotel in Falmouth was very nice and the food was great. October was a good time to visit to avoid the crowds. I really liked the Chysauter village site. Even though the Poldark series is mentioned to make the tour attractive, little was pointed out as a filming location unless it was on the day I skipped to the Lost Gardens, Megavissey and the China Center. Doc Martin fans must have been satisfied. I didn't find Cornwall as interesting as other places I've visited. The partial day in London was not very useful even though the hotel was close to the Victoria and Albert museum. I had already toured London. The transfer from the airport by a rather grumpy driver took a long time. I would be in favor of picking everyone up at the airport and then driving to Exeter and Cornwall that day. We can sleep on the bus, like we did on the Road Scholar tour of northern England gardens and houses after arriving in Manchester. Set some deadline for arrival- like 10 or 11 AM.


The review template is not giving me a choice to give a star rating but I would give it a 4.5. I had a very enjoyable time, particularly visiting the Neolithic/Iron Age sights, the small harbor villages and the garden. As indicated by Elizabeth, the coach days out and back are pretty long but there is no way around it and we stopped frequently. A small bus was used for the day trips which enabled us to get down the very small country lanes. (Whew, glad I was not driving!) I really liked staying in one place for 6 nights! The hotel had great views and the plated dinners were very good. The instructor and leader were excellent. If you enjoy visiting smaller villages and seeing interesting countryside, consider this tour. Take a waterproof/windproof rain jacket. AFTER you get there the itinerary they hand out notes you need *sturdy shoes* on several days. No idea why the website doesn't mention this. Sturdy shoes means you'll be possibly be walking in wet grass, possibly muddy or slightly marshy conditions. Waterproof shoes are not a must but you need something, as they say, sturdy.

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Lots of time on the bus getting to/from Cornwall. The sites visited were interesting. The weather was good - even in Mid October.


As a writer, I was inspired along the way. My work may be spurred for the next months or even years by this experience.


This is an active program and you will see a lot. Some of the walking is a bit strenuous but not overly so. The leaders were very considerate of those who could not keep up. The program requires punctuality on the part of the participants for all activities and time frames of free time. Also, there is a lot of bus time between activities.


Travel see the world and make new friends. Be a Road Scholar! This is our second trip this year with the RS group. We did one in the US and one in London and Cornwall. We came home ready to look for another trip for next year.


This is a great introduction to Cornwall. Most of the program involves staying at one nice old ocean-front hotel and taking day trips to nearby locations. The program involves quite of bit of walking on steep village streets or through rough countryside, which is a great way to see this part of Britain. But be prepared for changeable and windy seaside weather. Bring comfortable shoes, rain gear, and a warm scarf or hat.

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This program is rated moderately challenging for a reason. If you are unable to hike on gravel paths please consider another program. It only takes one participant to spoil the program for the entire group.


a wonderful variety of places visited .


This was an excellent programme with SUPERB leaders


A great introduction to the history and culture of Cornwall as it relates to that of Great Britain.

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