French Canada at a Slower Pace: Montréal & Québec City
Be immersed in the architecture, Francophone culture and culinary arts of Montréal and Québec City as you discover the joie de vivre that unites the Québecois, all at a leisurely pace.
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This is a wonderful Program combining the old and new of French Canada. Montreal's underground city, former site of Expo 67, Museum of Fine Arts and the Archaeology Museum were delightful to see. The train ride to Quebec City was efficient and offered a view of rural French Canada. Quebec City was toured in-depth including Montmorency Falls. Our guide, Lise Lambert, was very organized, approachable and a delight. Our group meshed well. I highly recommend this tour of French Canada at a Slower Pace: Montreal & Quebec City


Great group, great leader, great mix of program and on-your-own time. I really enjoyed this trip!


This program exceeded my expectations! It was educational and fun. The group was varied, but they were welcoming to solo travelers. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone wanting to learn more about these cities.

Rose Mary

We had a wonderful time on our first Road Scholar trip. Our leader was great and the other people in the group were fun to be with and always positive. I learned a lot and saw a lot and enjoyed it all. Accommodations and food were both good.


This was a most enjoyable experience with a good mix of group activities and on your own and led to a deeper appreciation of the places we visited. Great guides and instructors and comfortable locations that could not be bettered.


This program provided a very enjoyable, comprehensive educational and leisure trip to both cities. The sites visited were interesting, with very understandable interpreters with us to enhance the experience. A perfect mix of structured and free time. Great restaurants were chosen for our group meals.


This was a wonderful program! Interesting, stimulating, and over too soon. I highly recommend it as completely enjoyable.


An excellent experience and the food was delicious!


What a delightful program--so much history and culture to discover in Montreal and Quebec! It was well-coordinated by Lise who was warm, organized & professional. Activities & lectures were varied, interesting & educational. Sufficient free time to do some independent touring/shopping. The accommodation locations were perfect - near the major historical areas with lots of restaurants, shops, museums, and sightseeing activities within walking distance. Highly recommend this program.


Learning about the region's history, including the weather, made the trip more interesting. We didn't just look at "different things", the sites we visited became more alive and understandable, the people, their architecture, art and values.


At your pace French Canada is a fabulous program that can be enjoyed by all. The trip was extremely well rounded with wonderful sites and experiences as a group and sufficient free time to explore on our own. Our instructor was great and a wealth of knowledge. I highly (5 stars) recommend this program. Great balance of days spent in Montreal and Quebec with perfectly chosen sites to visit.

Mary Ann

We found many new reasons to love and respect Canada.


Road Scholar programs are interesting, and educational. Our trip to Canada was much more helpful, than independent trips we have taken to Canada.


Anyone consider a tour to Canada should consider the Road Scholar At you Own Pace tour to Montreal & Quebec City. Many of my friends had been to Montreal & had wonderful things to say, but be sure not to overlook Quebec City.


An interesting and informative look at Our Neighbors To The North !!!

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