French Canada at a Slower Pace: Montréal & Québec City

Be immersed in the architecture, Francophone culture and culinary arts of Montréal and Québec City as you discover the joie de vivre that unites the Québecois, all at a leisurely pace.
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Wonderful trip for an overview of French Canada. Although not arduous, be prepared for a lot of walking.


Great trip to two wonderful cities! Don’t miss this bucket-list experience!

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

I really enjoyed my first Road Scholar tour to Quebec. The leaders were helpful and fun and there was a nice balance of guided tours, walking, and free time. The meals were amazing!


This Road Scholar Program was an educational and informative experience about Montreal and Quebec City that we found fascinating. It was on our bucket list, as we have traveled with 8 other Road Scholar programs, each of which was equally exciting. This program gives a more concise understanding of the history of Canada particularly French speaking Montreal and Quebec City. We loved Quebec City so much we’d like to return, on our own someday, because of its charm and antiquity. CJ and B. White


We really enjoyed this program both for its wonderful scenic value, but also for the educational content which helped us learn a lot about Quebec.


Both our program leaders, Lise and Marie, were great and other participants were wonderful. I have made some great friends and learned a good deal about the history and culture of Montreal and Quebec City. This was my first Road Scholar trip and I am now looking forward to taking many more!


Remarkable trip. The group leader, Lise Lambert, was exceptional. We enjoyed Les Pyrenees restaurant in Old Montreal. The accommodations were very good and handy to various restaurants and museums. We appreciated the "slower pace" of this trip.


The best trip I have been on in years. Our leader Lise Lambert was outstanding, as were the instructors. So much of Montreal/Quebec was a delightful discovery for me. I will return to Montreal. Je me souviens!


This is an enjoyable & enlightening tour that focuses on the history of both Montreal & Quebec City. You stay right in the charming historic sections of each city & learn a lot about French Canadian history. Ample time is allowed for individual exploring. Tres bon!


We found Montreal cosmopolitan and exciting, and Quebec City was a glimpse into old France. The ability of these French-speaking people -- residents and guides--to respond readily to us monolingual Americans was welcoming and inspiring. This RS tour certainly opens a window into another culture.

Mary Alice

The Road Scholar expands your horizons and nourishes your brain, heart, and soul!

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

Took my first Road Scholar trip and totally enjoyed it! What an incredibly well orchestrated event. We had an excellent tour guide (Julie) and our activities and meals were outstanding. I would highly recommend this trip and certainly would say that Road Scholar is an incredible value for the money!


As a visitor from the U.S., I learned a great deal about the history of Canada, and particularly about the important role of the French in settling North America.


Looking back at the photos I took, I'm again amazed at the range of experiences provided by this program. I so enjoyed the activities that it's kind of surprising to realize how much I learned about the Montreal/Quebec area and its history. Recommend highly!


A delightful introduction to French Canada. A visit to the Ursuline Museum in Quebec City was a particular favorite.


This is a wonderful Program combining the old and new of French Canada. Montreal's underground city, former site of Expo 67, Museum of Fine Arts and the Archaeology Museum were delightful to see. The train ride to Quebec City was efficient and offered a view of rural French Canada. Quebec City was toured in-depth including Montmorency Falls. Our guide, Lise Lambert, was very organized, approachable and a delight. Our group meshed well. I highly recommend this tour of French Canada at a Slower Pace: Montreal & Quebec City


Great group, great leader, great mix of program and on-your-own time. I really enjoyed this trip!


This program exceeded my expectations! It was educational and fun. The group was varied, but they were welcoming to solo travelers. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone wanting to learn more about these cities.

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