A Walking Exploration of England’s Ancient Footpaths
Walking the verdant fields, forests and foothills of England is a tradition as ancient as the paths themselves. Come walk through history on this quintessentially English adventure.
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This trip, which was my first Road Scholar trip, was just exactly what I needed it to be, both in the level of physical challenge and in the depth of exploration of the most ancient dimensions of England through visits to long barrows and stone circles. I worked hard for 7 months to train for the physical challenge, upping my daily walking distance a bit, dramatically increasing the number of hills I was walking, and working with free weights; all that was good, but not quite sufficient to make some of the climbs easy; still, I made it. And, as for the exploration of the ancient, this trip transformed an interest into something that I think will be a lifelong passion,reaching back to the ancient humans who lived before history was written down.


If you love hiking, and getting out into the countryside, then this program is for you! Up to 4 hours per day, through fields, along footpaths and streams, with some of the most photogenic scenery anywhere.


the Road Scholar website is EXCELLENT


This is an excellent program. It is not hiking but is walking up to 5 miles almost everyday. The walks are on paths and grass but do not involve challenging, steep terrain. Only one day were poles necessary but not required. The instructors are superb and bring a wealth of knowledge in a way that is fun and even funny. The food is good too. For me, this trip enabled me to see some of the places in England that I had only heard of, like Stonehenge, and to be there and learn about it was a dream come true.


I feel I must back up Ann's review by saying this walking tour should not be rated as challenging since there was much less actual walking and more standing and listening to lectures. It was well organized and the leadership very good but if you are looking for more hiking/walking while listening to descriptions this is not the tour for you.


While the trip was well organized, it had less walking than I would have liked - some walks listed on-line were eliminated in the Summary distributed at Orientation. And the Challenging rating seemed unwarranted.


I had a wonderful time, apart from allergy issues. I took the trip mainly for the history and environment I had read about and I saw everything I had intended to see and much more. Our guides, Ian Newman and Geoff Williams, set a good pace and were extremely informative. They were great as well on current and local news and customs, and communicated their love of walking and enthusiasm for the countryside. The walks, some in rain and mud, were still challenging but fun. Our group had some lovely folks and I thought we all bumped along very well. There were many who had much more experience than I and were kind enough to share their expertise and stories. I came home ready to move to England, or at least somewhere with a lot of walking opportunities. Already looking for the next trip.


I thoroughly enjoyed this program because it pushed me to do something I had not done before. Our leaders were fun, experienced and knowledgeable. I'm looking forward to another walking experience with Road Scholar.


This program not only met our expectations; it exceeded them! We were quite pleased with the accommodations and comfortable transportation. The amount of activity was accurately conveyed. And most of all, the leaders and guides were interesting, engaging, and very professional.

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