New Brunswick/Nova Scotia

Bay of Fundy Circle of Tidal Wonders

Experience the rich culture, charming villages and incredible tidal waters and geology of the Bay of Fundy, and voyage into the fascinating history of this beautiful region.
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My wife did the work with the web site. I only filled out the evaluation. I found the evaluation easy to use.


Very nice trip, The Bay of Fundy is a nice area. Group Leader Darrell Mesheau, was great, very good time.


This was one of the best organized programs that I have attended.


The diversity of subjects and the geology were spectacular.


This was a wonderful trip in every respect. It was full of learning adventures, with plenty of hands-on activity. We had truly knowledgeable, engaging speakers each day and a variety of experiences, including a fun night at a local dinner theater. We witnessed high and low tides, rode the tidal bore, learned about tidal power generation and the influence of the tides throughout the area. We saw and learned about ancient fossil deposits and geology, plants and birds, shipbuilding, First Nations people, the sad history of Acadia, and other aspects of history that have influenced this area. The locals were friendly and happy to share their stories. We also enjoyed great seafood (lobster!) and other fresh, local dishes. Many in our group, myself included, especially liked scouring the beach at low tide to enjoy the medley of colorful rocks and stones that washed up by our hotel -- every color imaginable! Finally, our Group Leader, Anne Drouet, was excellent, as was our hostess at the Tidal Watch Inn. Would recommend this trip if you like being on the move and enjoy a variety of experiences.


Circling the Bay of Fundy with RS is a great introduction to both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Our program lead, Darrell, was genuinely enthusiastic, as were the educators at the various stops. The focus of the program is on the great tides of the bay, but there is also a chance to learn about the history of the region and the different cultures that inhabit the areas we visited. It's such a varied and interesting region that there is no way to dig as deeply as I might have liked in just 10 days. Guess I'll need to return.


If you have an interest in geology, geography, history, and outdoor explorations, and have a decent amount of stamina to participate in a wide variety of off-the-bus activities, this is a program you will enjoy.

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