Norway Ja (Yes)! A Hiking, Biking & Kayaking Adventure
Norway’s world-class natural beauty unfolds before you on an active educational adventure experiencing its fjords, glaciers, villages and welcoming people by water, bike and on foot.
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Wow, what an experience of a lifetime! Hiking, biking and kayaking the fjords of Norway. This is an outstanding tour! You have a variety of activities to help you see and feel Norway in different ways. The accommodations are wonderful. And Loftus is truly paradise! You must come and experience it for yourself because I can tell you, the pictures can not portray the magnitude and graciousness of the country. It's amazing!!!! And the people are so welcoming. If more people traveled globally and gained respect for other customs and cultures, world peace would be a snap! Enjoy!


Excellent program for nature, hiking, biking and kayaking lovers! Norway is awesome, and you will see and learn the best of it!


This trip was Amazing and exceeded my expectations! This was our first Road Scholar trip and it was extremely well organized. The weather was spectacular and helped in our thorough enjoyment of Norway. We were able to hike on a glacier and swim in a Fiord! What could be better!

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I had a great time and enjoyed all of the activities. Our guides were excellent, especially Osiris. We had to change kayaking plans due to high winds and she was able to come up with an alternate hike and some leisure time. Our group was adaptable to the changes and had a good time. I felt she worked very hard to accommodate all the different diets and preferences of our group. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of Norway and the endless waterfalls. The hotels were excellent and the food was great. We especially enjoyed our meals at the fish market in Bergen. I would definitely recommend this trip. Jack


If you like beautiful scenery, outdoor challenges, meeting like travelers, and having a great time, visit Norway. You won't be disappointed.


No matter your expectations, Norway will exceed them! And Osiris is a great leader and ambassador. The activities will challenge you, exhilarate you, and let you experience Norway’s incredible scenery. Should you go? Ja!


The promise of this trip was never realized. Kayaking was cancelled both days it was on the schedule. The first day of hiking, two of us hurt knees; this changed the entire trip. When I said I thought I should ride down in the funicular, as the other injured participant was doing, the group leader raised her voice, and said, "this is a hiking program!" As a result, I injured my knee so severely that I could not finish the walk back, and a taxi had to be called. After the ride, I was informed that I was responsible for the cost, which was the equivalent of $25.00. Compassion for physical weaknesses was lacking, as were options for less strenuous activity. When I gave the leader a laminated card detailing my diet restrictions (which my doctor recommended), she said she knew all about me already. At the end of our first group meeting, she gave each individual a glass of champagne except me, then announced to the group that I was "special" and did not drink alcohol, handing me orange soda. I have never been treated so disrespectfully on 5 RS trips. ( I was one of 5 people with dietary restrictions.) Norway is scenic, but this trip is unnecessarily difficult and expensive. Most activities were changed; the trip description is not accurate. One hotel was excellent, with superb buffets, but one was only fair, the other in-between. For me, this was the most expensive trip I have taken, and the least enjoyable.


A wonderful active outdoor experience to Norway's beautiful country!


We thoroughly enjoyed this trip! We had a wonderful group leader and excellent guides, all who helped us see and learn more about the beauty of Norway and its people. We found the level of activity to be a good challenge for us and were happy to have participated in all the varied activities.


Go and experience Norway! Great vistas and great people! The activities challenged me to new heights.

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