The Best of Northern Ireland: Past, Present and Future
Unravel the complex story of Northern Ireland as you meet its people, learn its history, explore its monuments and discover the exciting transformation of this vibrant region.
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another exciting learning adventure with a classy group.Alan Ralph was very good program leader,always kept me informed and entertained and kept our group moving to new sights.I came back knowing so much more about the land of Northern Ireland.The food was very good and the hotels were always comfortable.with group leaders like Alan Ralph I would go again to Northern Ireland .John Myrand


This tour of Northern Ireland was highly enjoyable and informative about both the history of the famine and that of the Troubles, sad as those times were. The important parts of Belfast and Derry were accessible by foot so that free time could be appreciated. Trips to Donegal and Giants Causeway were impressively scenic thanks to our luck with the weather!


The Road Scholar tour of Northern Ireland was perfect. It satisfied my need for the sites, history and feel of Northern Ireland. Great speakers and a great balance of guided Vs free time. I highly recommend Road Scholar.


This is the very best program to learn about Northern Ireland. I had a grand time.


An excellent learning experience!


Northern Ireland: Past, Present and Future is one of the best trips I have ever taken with Road Scholar. The group leader Charlie was friendly, knowledgeable, and most of all he had amazing enthusiasm for the history of his country. It was contagious-and a unique experience. There were outstanding field trips (Titanic Museum, Ulster American Folk) and unique experiences (the Black Taxi rides to the "murals", the burial mounds of Bru na Boinne). A great trip!


My husband and I recently completed the Best of Northern Ireland tour. The country landscape, people, educational content and companions on the tour were excellent. Our guide, Alan, was a thoughtful and friendly leader. Along the way, we gathered a deepened understanding of our own Irish ancestry. I will long remember the living examples of hopeful persistence for a continued peace. Go raibh maith agat (Thank you).


This program gives participants a greater understanding of and sensitivity to the Irish way of life, it's history and dealing with the rest of the world. It is an invigorating experience.


We loved our tour of Northern Ireland!!! We would highly recommend it to everyone. You will learn so much and have a fabulously fun experience!!!


I you are interested in an in-depth learning experience about the political situation of Ireland, past and present, presented by locals who have experienced "the troubles" you will not be disappointed. There is also plenty of free time to add extra local tours. I recommend the Bloody Sunday tour with a local who grew up during this troubling time.


Stunning cities and bucolic landscapes, world-class museums and World Heritage sites, Sunday pub carvery lunch and craft brewery tapas and tastings, this program has it all. And you get not one but two countries, crossing the only international border the UK has on land, something of significance during the time of the "troubles" and something of a mystery as to how it will be administered once BREXIT has been established. Our time in Northern Ireland focused on the two leading cities, Belfast and Derry (also known as Londonderry, aka LegenDerry to the locals), but we also got a taste of the Republic of Ireland by visiting a National Park in Donegal (the part of Ulster lopped off and left to the Republic) and having a pub lunch in the pub owned and operated by the family of famed Irish singer, Enya. The weather in late August was positively glorious, and we were blessed with bright sunny days throughout our tour, wondrously commented on by our professional guides at the two outdoor UNESCO World Heritage Sites we visited -- the Giant's Causeway and Newgrange. This program is the perfect way to sate one's interest in the part of Ireland that forms the United Kingdom with Great Britain as well as to sample a bit of the most emerald part of the Emerald Isle.


The website is fine


I am so glad that I had the opportunity to take this trip. It is important to understand what is going on in Northern Ireland, and how my country has had such an impact on where they are now. It is a beautiful country that needs to be seen, and experienced.


Very nice, easy to use although I would have gone back and added comments at a couple of places, if possible.


While the focus is on Northern Ireland, there are opportunities to dip into the Republic three times when locations are nearby or on the way. The natural environment gets its share of attention at the Giant's Causeway and Newgrange locations. Learn about pride, learn about the Troubles, and learn how you feel about all that this tour exposes you to.

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