Ohio: Cradle of Presidents
Alongside historians and other experts, discuss the legacy of eight Ohioan presidents as you enjoy exclusive access to important museums, libraries, antiques and historic artifacts.
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The program provided a wonderful view of how our nation has changed... and remained the same. I was born and raised in Illinois... so Ohio political activity was new for me... The program also provided a reminder of how we have changed.


As a swing state in U.S. Presidential elections, Ohio frequently gets attention from the pundits who offer analysis and predictions on Presidential elections. So learning about the role Ohio politics has played in not only electing presidents, but also in grooming and nominating successful candidates in the past was something I was keen to learn more about. Even though I was born, raised and educated through university in the state, I've never quite understood how Ohio came to be such a key player in electoral politics. My 8th grade Ohio history class learning has faded with age and this program seemed a good opportunity to review the key aspects of the state's role as a "cradle of Presidents." While there was not any attempt to tie Ohio's political history to its present status as a key swing state, I did garner quite a lot of insight into the lives and contributions made by the 8 men claimed by Ohio who went on to the While House. None of the 8 has been elevated by Presidential historians to the top half of present-day rankings of U.S. Presidents. But this study tour gave us opportunity to hear from those who have dedicated considerable time and scholarship to one or more of these Presidents, and to "set the record straight," in many instances improving their standing in our eyes at least. I was particularly impressed by the presentations we heard on Ulysses S. Grant and the challenges he faced as President. While perhaps the program organizers decided to save the "best" to last, in my opinion it was too bad that Grant's life was addressed only on the final day of the program when we were more concerned with onward travel. He was, after all, the only of the 8 to serve two full terms, and the earliest of the 8 to be born, raised & educated in the state. Also I thought the program would benefit from a day in Columbus since the path to victory for most of these men lay in that state capital. In many ways, this program left me eager to read even more on the Ohio 8!


First, our program leader, Lynde Vespoli, was extraordinary. She created this program and was efficient, knowledgeable, organized, and accommodated all of the program needs for the participants. This program left you with a desire to know more, learn more, and become better acquainted with each of these interesting presidents. The "first ladies" were examined in a way which showed them to be strong and extremely talented in their own right. There was a lot of information to absorb at each of the sites, so I kept a little book of facts and insights to review. Having never been to Ohio, Lynde and our extremely capable bus driver, Ray, certainly showcased this state for us in all its glory. Thank you Lynde, Ray, and Road Scholar for a terrific experience.


Excellent adventure that is well organized with superb lecturers in addition to the Presidential sites and guides. A great way to see alot of Ohio.


Tour provided in-depth information & the educational experience leads me to do more research & reading about the life's of the Ohio Presidents.


Very interesting and educationsl

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