To Missouri & Beyond: Space & Robots With Your Grandchild

Set out on an adventure of discovery in St. Louis, where you’ll build a robot, simulate a space mission, learn about constellations and inspire your grandchild to shoot for the stars!
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7 days
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This was a wonderful experience for us and our great-nephew. We all learned a lot, had fun and enjoyed spending time together. The program is very well-organized and managed. Kudos to all involved!


A very well-planned and led program. Kids and grandparents have fun, learned by many diverse hands-on experiences and field trips. Kids are challenged to think, apply concepts and to work collaboratively. Field trips are Great taking participants to several places to learn, play and discover


This is a really excellent program for those interested in science, flight, and space. I attended with my grandson who had just turned 9, and in retrospect, he might have gotten more out of the experience had I waited until he was 10. However, he was able to participate and in all the activities, and while some of the material was harder for him to grasp than other parts, he learned a lot. The program has a good mixture of activities that are focused on hands on learning and several that are just focused on having a good time. Grandparents have the chance to stay very actively involved with their grand kids, and that for me was an important part of the learning. The leadership of the group was excellent: well knowledgeable, organized, helpful, and supportive at all times. As a director of academic affairs at a University, I would highly recommend this trip for both the value of gaining real skill in both learning as a part of a group an as an individual. Thank you for making this experience possible for me and my grandson.


The robotics and space exploration inter generational trip was wonderful! The leader was well organized and always pleasant. The activities were engaging and interesting. Both kids and grandparents seemed to enjoy it. I know we sure did!


This program offers a great opportunity to experience the world of engineering, in its many forms, to your grandchild. The hands-on projects are designed to stimulate imaginations and inspire further research.


Outstanding grandparent/grandchild experience.


If your grandchild would like to learn how to program a Lego robot or build and launch his/her own rocket, check this program out! The program leader, Pam, is wonderful too!

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

The activities were extremely well-chosen, organized, and carried out. It would not be easy, even if possible, for grandparents as individuals to arrange the great opportunities that this program provides. All of the staff involved were outstanding! Pam Ronkoski, the leader, was wonderful! She was tolerant but firm with the kids, present and involved with every activity, very considerate of everyone's needs, and had a great sense of humor. The instructors for Mad Science, the Rube Goldberg machine, robotics, and rocketry were very knowledgeable, personable, great with the kids, and made the activities fun. Fred Heidolph, the rocketry instructor, deserves special mention for his zany delivery! I believe this is a particularly good program for kids who are techies and like to build things. My granddaughter loved every minute of it and I enjoyed myself thoroughly!


Great program for kids interested in science or for kids who you want to be exposed to science in a fun way.


This trip was a wonderful educational experience for our grandson and a highly memorable one as well. The hands on activities were perfect for budding scientists and the culminating visit to the Gateway Arch was exciting for all. Of course, building and launching a rocket was also an incredible finale to the week.


Our first experience with the Road Scholar program was wonderful. The interactive activities were engaging and educational for grandchildren and grandparents alike. Our leader, Pam Ronkowski, planned unique adventures and made a very full week so memorable.

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