Two Worlds of Peru: The Inca Highlands and the Amazon
Experience the highs and lows of Peru as you explore Cusco and Machu Picchu up in the Andes and the Sacred Valley and tribal villages by riverboat down in the Amazon Basin.
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One of our guides in the Amazon Basin named us "Explorers." That epithet was perfect and we ventured out in the villages with his careful leadership.


This trip "Two Worlds of Peru: The Inca Highlands and the Amazon" was a truly amazing experience. We saw so many interesting sites, and we learned so much about this amazing part of the world. Our leader Oscar was informative, professional, and passionate about his country. The other participants were interesting and friendly. I highly recommend this trip!

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This was a terrific trip. We enjoyed the two very different types of travel combined into one trip. The Amazon was full of experiential activities that were fun and informative, while the highlands were more a sightseeing adventure. The trip was very well organized and the guides, especially our RS leader Eliasan, were superior and always helpful. We loved the Amatista and the Chunky Monkeys musical entertainment. Highlights included jungle walks (seeing a tarantula and anaconda up close), swimming in the Amazon and fishing for pyranna. And of course Machu Picchu was glorious to see in person. We highly recommend this trip for anyone looking for adventure and a varied experience.


This is an amazingly diverse, unique trip, exploring very different regions and cultures of Peru. From canoeing on an Amazon tributary (just one of our many adventures) to exploring the wonders of the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu to experiencing the delights of Cusco - this trip is varied, experiential, educational and enlightening.


This was one of the complete tours I experienced


PERU WAS ONE OF THE MOST INTERESTING AND AMAZING PLACES I HAVE EVER BEEN. The natural beauty of the Amazon and the Andes were complemented by the rich indigenous Inka/Quechua culture and the superb skills and personal warmth and humor of the Peruvian staff!


We will have some wonderful memories to last forever! Barbara and Jerry Klein


perfect for me !!!!!!!


This was really the trip of a lifetime for me, and I encourage anyone who has had the dream of an immersion into Peruvian culture and life to consider this actual trip.


Very engaging experience. Our overall experience was first-rate.


This trip offers the chance of a lifetime to visit Machu Picchu, one of the seven modern wonders of the world; explore the incredible beauty of the Amazon; and sample the rich culture of a proud and ancient people.


This is an outstanding program. The Lima portion was brief, but educational and enjoyable. The artifacts at the Larco Museum helped me appreciate the depth and breath of the Peruvian culture. The Amazon portion was even better than I expected. Amazing wildlife, swimming in the Amazon, riding in a dugout, fishing for Piranha, who can ask for more. Machu Picchu is truly a wonder of the world and our group benefitted from our guides experience on how best to appreciate it. The archaeological sites we toured in Sacred Valley and Cusco demonstrated how advanced the Incan culture was. Our guides on this progam were all first rate, especially Kiki, as were the accommodations and food.


We just got back from the Peru/Amazon River/Machu Picchu trip and had a thoroughly fantastic time. The entire Road Scholar staff are to be congratulated for carrying out such an informative and enjoyable venture!!


Our trip to the Amazon and Machu Pichu in Peru was a lifetime dream come true! My husband and I had a wonderful time and the quality of service provided by Road Scholar was excellent. I can't wait to go another Road Scholar adventure!!!!


This was an amazing trip, my best trip ever. The cruise on the Amazon was not the most comfortable because of threat of mosquitoes (but I used spray and protective clothing and didn't get many bites), high humidity, rain every day but not all day, and poor showers (sometimes no water for a time) on the Amatista, but I kept telling myself it was better than camping. The total immersion in the Amazon experience, interaction with native people and culture, interesting and informative guides and naturalists, and the great band (Chunky Monkeys composed of ship crew and guides) on the Amatista more than made up for the discomfort. The trip to the highlands, Machu Pichu and Cusco, was also uncomfortable because of the effects of altitude (shortness of breath made it hard to climb to sites) but the informative guides and splendid Incan sites and scenery more than made up for it.

A. David

Peru was a refreshingly and wonderful place to visit. The people are beautiful and the culture incredible


The Two Worlds of Peru is a great trip for those who are traveling with friends or relatives with differing physical capacities and needs than the other. The Amazon part was perfect for me as I enjoy more relaxed and low-physicality activities whereas my sister was happier with the Andes section as she likes to keep very physically active. The guides on all sections of this trip were totally amazing. One of the highlights was the night time excursion in the Amazon when the guide(s) pulled up a juvenile caiman onto the boat after gently securing her/his mouth. That was so awesome. The caiman was very cute and calm. We saw so many wonderful animals. Bring the best binoculars you can as it will make it so much more rewarding.


This program far exceeded expectations. The Road Scholar staff and guides were well organized, extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. Other participants were friendly and eager to learn. The insight into the Inca and Peruvian culture was mind expanding.


Another great Road Scholar experience! Don't miss visiting the Amazon River and Machu Picchu. This trip was truly memorable.


A great trip! Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a fun adventure!


Road scholar works very hard to make meaningful connections with other people in the world, learning about their culture, history and living situations. You will be challenged physically and mentally with numerous outings to view the scenery, creatures and native plants of the country. Will definitely go Rhodes scholar again in the future!


The Trip of a Lifetime! There were so many wonderful experiences on this trip. Road Scholar handles everything and makes traveling so easy. The MV Amatista is a wonderful riverboart. Loved every minute onboard. Excellent food, well presented, great variety. Very accommodating staff. The naturalists were fantastic. Fishing for piranha was a highlight for me. My husband loved swimming in the Amazon with the dolphins. Then on to the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu...a dream come true. The train trip was beautiful. And the accommodations and Aqua Calientes made us want to stay or return. Kept pinching myself and asking "Am I really here?!?"


We really enjoyed the Amazon boat adventure. We learned so much about the environment and culture of the area. This trip highlighted the diversity of the Peruvian culture in the cities, rain forest, and highlands.


A very interesting program with the opportunity to see the wonders of both the Amazon and the Incas, while gaining some exposure to the natives. Great leaders and interesting lectures and stories.


Terrific experience -- physically challenging but worth the effort. Learned so much about Peruvian culture and saw such wonderful things. Small and interesting group from diverse parts of the US -- managed to overcome political differences in a highly politicized period to enjoy each other's company.

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