On Foot and On River: A Walk-and-Barge Adventure in Vietnam and Cambodia
Dive deep into the history of the Mekong as you learn traditional art forms, explore emerald rice paddies, examine rare artifacts and enjoy expert-led walks through this ancient region.
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I highly recommend this unique experience. It will change your perspective on the history of Southeast Asia, both ancient and modern. Prepare to be amazed, surprised, saddened but also enlightened.


Great tour, great guides, great fellow travelers, great food, great accommodations. One cautionary note. This trips involves temperatures in the 90s and high humidity. That makes for really challenging conditions when walking or scrambling up a hill. Be prepared for some discomfort. Bob


A fascinating introduction to Southeast Asia from a different perspective, along the Mekong River visiting out of the way villages to see daily life and work; touring cities and thus exploring the impressive temples and monuments of the past; and experiencing the global investments that are creating new high rise cities. A little of everything here. For Americans, it is an enriching experience well beyond what we think we know about the Vietnam War. I went in October and while it did not really rain it was very hot and humid so it is not quite as free of sweat as billed. Should not discourage but should be taken into account. I loved the trip and learned a lot!


This trip was a fantastic cultural experience that I wouldn't have missed for the world. Great guides, great activities. Life on the barge was a unique way to travel. BUT, the heat and humidity were a constant, everyday pressure because we were outside a lot in 90 degree heat with 90+ humidity. If walking in those conditions would be difficult for you, you might want to think twice about going.


Great adventure trip with two excellent tour guides.


Trip of a lifetime. Our guide, Pheach Davuth was the best. Knowledgeable, organized, concerned and fun. It was an active trip, but had some room for modifying the amount of exertion needed. Ancient Temples, recent history, current life along the Mekong, cultures, religions, food. What a great experience!


What an amazing adventure! I only regretted having to return home. We saw Cambodia and Vietnam through the eyes of our amazing group leader Pheach Davuth. He helped us understand the peoples and cultures of these 2 countries while leading us on wonderful adventures like hiking to the River of 1000 Lingas and leading us into Angkor Wat through the "back door" so we could experience it's magesty away from the crowds.


Excellent program. Interesting , educational with excellent tour guides. But be in shape, without walking assists. I highly recommend it (my third trip with RS...) Oct ; the end of the monsoon season & we had 1 day of rain and a couple of nights... mosquitoes minimal on the water

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