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Program No. 21577
Survival of the Fittest: Hiking, Biking & Water Sports on the Galápagos Islands
Dec 3 – Dec 12, 2022
10 days
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Tented Lodge
Raised-platform tents with two twin beds, private en suite bath with hot water and window screens.
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Accommodation 1 Double
Double room in a tent on a raised platform with private bath en-suite and hot water. Each tent has 2 twin beds and screened window openings
Double 4,499 Select
Single 5,299
Treehouse Lodge
Three-person treehouse with toilet, sink with running water and a small social area. Stairs not suited for mobility problems.
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Accommodation 2 Double
Double room with twin beds in screened treehouse. 20 steps. Treehouses have a flush toilet and a sink with running water (no hot water) and a small deck with a bench. Treehouses share bathhouses with flush toilets and hot water that are about 35 yards away on the ground.
Double 3,999 Select
Single 4,799

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