We “Dig” Dinosaurs: A Prehistoric Adventure With Your Grandchild

You and your grandchild can become paleontologists for a week as you join a real dino dig! Learn to search for and prepare fossils for display, and go on a scavenger hunt in a museum.
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Program No. 21564RJ
6 days
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849 / ADULT
399 / CHILD
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3.8 Average

We had a great time with our 10 year old grandson and learned a great deal. The program leaders were some of the best we've had for any Road Scholar program.


The leader from the Dinosaur Center was excellent. Related well with the Center’s interns, our grandchildren and us. They accommodated the activities to keep everyone interested and active. My grandson and I did a previous and venture,so had some expectations up front. The lunches although adequate, were just sandwiches and accompanied snacks and drinks. Sometimes we made our own sandwiches,sometimes pre-made. Would have been nice to go out once or twice. The dinners were good, some restaurant changes, but all were nice. The hotel was awful! It was their first and last use, from what I can tell.

Road Scholar
Thank you for your comments, Kathleen. We are continuing to work hard at improving our hotel and food options, and your insight is much appreciated.

This program is absolutely wonderful for children interested id dinosaurs, paleontology, and history. It is also a great bonding experience for grandparents and grandchildren.


THIS TRIP IS A MUST TO AVOID. This was my first Road Scholar trip after many friends recommended taking one. I was on trip 21564 a grandparent/grandchild trip to the Wyoming Dinosaur center. If this is what a Road Scholar trip is typically like I will never take one again and tell all my friends to avoid them too. It stared with the hotel. They said it was a pet friendly hotel. At most hotels this means a few rooms are for pets. I am highly allergic to pets. I called the hotel weeks ahead of time saying I want an upper floor room that didn't have a pet in it. They assured me this was not a problem. When we arrived at the hotel I told them I requested an upper floor non pet room. They told me we would have to wait a half hour cause I asked for a change of assigned rooms and all the rooms had pets in them. Needless to say I have been having a severe allergic reaction now for days. They also haphazardly decide not to clean rooms. It is like winning the lottery if you get your room cleaned. Now on to the program. They come pick us up in a rickety old van that barely fit all of us. The air conditioner was broke and it was 90 to 100 degrees all week. The van was very dangerous for seniors to get in and out of. I was surprised no one got hurt. Next, their itinerary was very different than the one Road Scholar provided. Road Scholar's one had us eating at a restaurant that has been closed for four years. The program seemed to be designed on the fly with no forethought. Long dig times in the hot sun and a very boring kid's program. They managed to make dinosaurs boring for a group of 10-12 year old's. Lunch most days was sandwiches. After three of the five days most of the kids wanted to leave. If this is how a Road Scholar trip typically is I will never go on one again.

Road Scholar
Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns with us, Steve. We are sorry to hear that the accommodations and program transportation did not meet your expectations. We continue to work with our hotels to ensure the housekeeping is reliable, but cannot guarantee that a pet friendly hotel will be a good fit for one with a severe pet allergy. The AC in the van was broken at the start of this program date but repaired quickly and yes, this program does include long days with bag lunches which can be hot in the summer in this locale. We will use your comments to continue to improve this program offering. As a first timer, please know that we have a large variety of programs that might align better with your expectations in the future and we would love to have you on another Road Scholar program.

Great intergenerational program. The value of the time I got to spend with my grandson cannot be overstated.

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