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Art in the Adirondacks: Great Camp Sagamore Painting Workshops
Enjoy expert instruction from a professional artist while surrounded by a wealth of painting opportunities as you set up your easel in the inspiring, peaceful Adirondacks.
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6 days
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14 meals
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Arrival & Check-in, Welcome Dinner, Program Orientation
Sagamore Institute-Raquette Lake, NY
Great Camp Sagamore

Afternoon: CHECK IN: Available from 4:00pm. PROGRAM REGISTRATION: When you check in, you will also register with the Program Staff and receive an arrival packet containing your name tag, up-to-date schedule, and other important information we will review during Orientation this evening. You will have the rest of the afternoon free to settle in, relax, or walk around the grounds before dinner. Please be aware that program activities and scheduled times could change due to local circumstances. In the event of changes, we will alert you as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Dinner: Our chef carefully prepares tasty buffet meals to enjoy in our paneled dining room with splendid views of Sagamore Lake. Dinners typically include a hot entrée (varying dishes such as creamed chicken over biscuits, veggie lasagna, pot roast, spaghetti and meat balls, roasted turkey, stuffed pork loin, ham); salads with several choices of dressing; rice or pasta; a fresh vegetable; bread or rolls. Coffee, tea, milk, juice and water are always available. Beer and wine are available for purchase. Sagamore's water is pure and delicious. Out of concern for the environment, please do not bring bottled water; a water bottle is a much better choice. Note: Sagamore's buffet line is varied and bountiful. If you do not think this will meet your dietary needs/preferences, please plan to bring your own supplements that can be stored for your convenience in our walk-in cooler and/or heated in an available microwave.

Evening: ORIENTATION: Gathering in the Reading Room of the Conference Building (historically known as the New Laundry) where any indoor classroom sessions or presentations will be held, we will have introductions of participants and program staff followed by an informative overview of the program and Sagamore itself. We’ll review the updated schedule and any changes, discuss responsibilities, safety guidelines, emergency procedures, and answer any questions you may have. We will also have a "getting to know the instructor session" with Wesley Sherman. The remainder of the evening is free to enjoy the surroundings and begin getting to know your Road Scholar colleagues. Sagamore Institute of the Adirondacks is the steward of Great Camp Sagamore and is dedicated to its use for education and interpretation. Our mission is to foster understanding, care, and respect for nature, people, and their critical interdependence. Great Camp Sagamore strives to be a place where broad and diverse audiences gather to use these unique buildings and natural setting to explore and understand Adirondack culture, the region's natural environment, and our relationship to both.

Sagamore Walking Excursion, Intro Painting Techniques
Sagamore Institute-Raquette Lake, NY
Great Camp Sagamore

Breakfast: Breakfasts are in the Vanderbilt dining hall with lovely views of the sun rising over the mountains of the Blue Ridge Wilderness Area. Choices typically include a hot entrée (varying dishes such as blueberry pancakes, French toast, egg strata or scrambled eggs; hot and cold cereal; milk; a variety of bagels, doughnuts, pastries; and juices. Coffee, tea, and pure Sagamore water are always available.

Morning: FIELD TRIP: Begin the program with a tour of Great Camp Sagamore, your home for the week. Built in 1897 by William West Durant, the camp is a prototype of the vernacular-style architecture now commonly-referred to as "Adirondack Rustic." WORKSHOP: After the tour, students will meet with Wes Sherman in a familiarization session, going over the materials and techniques and projects we will be using during the program, as well as suggested methods for scouting out locations during the course, both at/around Sagamore itself, and at outside venues.

Lunch: Lunch is in the Dining Hall. Lunches typically include a hot entrée (such as macaroni and cheese or soup); sandwich meats, cheeses, breads and condiments; salads (such as cole slaw or potato salad); cookies or granola bars; fresh fruit; milk and juices or lemonade. Coffee, tea, and refreshing Sagamore water are always available.

Afternoon: WORKSHOP: Under the guidance of our instructor, we'll spend the afternoon painting around Sagamore Lake. Great Camp Sagamore's complex of 27 buildings is not only an architectural marvel, but is also situated in one of the most beautiful natural settings in America. Having learned a little bit about the property this morning, we'll now have the opportunity to paint scenes of the camp and the surrounding vistas. The camp is located on the peninsular southwest edge of 180-acre Sagamore Lake in the 40,000-acre Blue Ridge Wilderness.

Dinner: Dinner in the wood-paneled Dining Hall. Enjoy the chef's tasty preparations from the extensive buffet.

Evening: WORKSHOP/REVIEW: After dinner, we'll review the day's paintings, and discuss the various painting techniques that students have used in their work, either consciously or unconsciously, or might be used Sagamore provides myriad opportunities to paint a wide variety of different subjects: historic buildings and support structures both rustically elegant and broadly utilitarian; mountain streams, sublime vistas, historic bridges; and abundant wildlife.

Painting Demonstration & Workshop, Hudson River School
Sagamore Institute-Raquette Lake, NY
Great Camp Sagamore

Breakfast: EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITY: For the energetic and adventurous, begin each morning with an optional "Golden Hour" opportunity before breakfast, Golden Hour is what we call the first and last hours of sunlight, noteworthy for offering painters the softest, warmest, most diffuse light of the day. The camp's location on the southwest corner of Sagamore Lake makes it an ideal spot for sunrise and early morning Golden Hour opportunities. Breakfast will be in the Dining Hall at 8:00. Enjoy a hearty repast with your new Road Scholar friends and colleagues.

Morning: DEMONSTRATION: After breakfast, we'll start the day with a demonstration from instructor Wes Sherman. His work declares his "interest in the relationship between abstraction and landscape painting." In an essay on landscape painting, Norbert Wolf has argued that this genre stands “closest to pure painting in its concentration on color and light.” Wes' own style derives from the notion "that in many ways abstraction owes a lot to this genre and how it is also interested in the nature of color and light." At the same time, Wes recognizes the debt owed to painters from the canon of painting history, suggesting that "we have always borrowed from the past to redefine or rediscover our existence." Most of his works, then, tend to "start with a painting from the canon and then begin to abstract from it until [he finds] something new about color, space and paint." The key to Wes' work ultimately rests on, as he says, his ability to "master the use of the medium but more importantly . . . to pick work from the canon of history so that when I come to the end of a painting I feel I have discovered what the canon painting and the process of making a new painting have to offer. Art is not a decoration but a declaration of one's self-understanding of place in this world.

Lunch: Lunch is in the Dining Hall.

Afternoon: WORKSHOP: This afternoon will be spent painting under the watchful eye of the course instructor, who will move from student to student to offer support, advice and guidance.

Dinner: Dinner in the wood-paneled Dining Hall. Enjoy the chef's tasty preparations from the extensive buffet.

Evening: PRESENTATION: After dinner, we'll enjoy a slide lecture on the work of the Hudson River School of Painters. Often associated with the Catskills or, ironically, the West,many of the Hudson River School painters cut their artistic teeth in the Adirondack Mountains. Through an examination of their work, we'll explore their influence on the development of the Adirondack region as well as the Frontier West.

Golden Hour, Museum Field Trip, Evening Entertainment
Sagamore Institute-Raquette Lake, NY
Great Camp Sagamore

Breakfast: After the optional "Golden Hour" opportunity, breakfast is at 8:00am in the Dining Hall. Sample more of the chef's choices for your nourishment and delight. We'll also make pack lunches for the day, as we will be out of camp.

Morning: FIELD TRIP: Today, we'll head out to View, the Arts Center in the neighboring town of Old Forge. View is dedicated to inspiring the lives of individuals visiting or residing in this magnificent natural area. It also serves as a community center, a conference facility and a venue for special events and offers a premier arts experience in the Adirondacks with regional and national exhibitions. We will look and discuss the works on display and have our own sketching session.

Lunch: We'll have the opportunity to eat our lunches packed at Sagamore, at any number of spots around the musuem. Or, feel free to stop at the museum's own cafe, for a bowl of soup or other snack.

Afternoon: FREE TIME: This afternoon is free to do some exploring on your own. You might wish to remain at the Museum, which is substantial enough to spend more than a full day exploring. If you prefer something more robust and adventurous, you can hike up one of several trails in the area, such as Castle Rock, Black Bear Mountain, Rocky Point, or Bald Mountain, each of which offers breathtaking views and can be climbed in enough time to return for dinner. For a quieter time, head back to camp and take a canoe out onto pristine Sagamore Lake to see loons or mergansers. Or, just relax in an Adirondack chair with a good book.

Dinner: Dinner is at 6:00pm in the Dining Hall.

Evening: ENTERTAINMENT: Tonight we'll enjoy some traditional Adirondack entertainment, be it music, storytelling, or an authentic campfire at Sagamore's historic lean-to . . . or maybe all three!

Discussion/Workshop/Student Exhibit
Sagamore Institute-Raquette Lake, NY
Great Camp Sagamore

Breakfast: After the optional "Golden Hour" opportunity, breakfast is at 8:00am in the Dining Hall. One of the delights of Sagamore is enjoying the chef's tasty and nourishing fare in this special environment.

Morning: WORKSHOP: Today we will spend much of the day focused on our painting, perhaps moving a bit further afield in our attempts to capture on canvas some of the unique landscapes in and around Sagamore.

Lunch: Lunch is at noon in the Dining Hall.

Afternoon: WORKSHOP: This afternoon, those who are interested can continue painting, while others might choose to enjoy other activities around camp, such as hiking, paddling, or reading.

Dinner: Our closing dinner in the Dining Hall is an opportunity to enjoy the conviviality of new Road Scholar friends and share your favorite experiences.

Evening: WORKSHOP: In a true learning and enlightening experience, we will share and review samples of our work from the week, sharing our insights with our fellow painters and focusing our discussion on skills that we have learned and put into proactive over the course of the week. After we can enjoy a performance by Adirondack singer and story teller, Dan Berggren.

Course Review/Goodbyes
Sagamore Institute-Raquette Lake, NY

Breakfast: One more Golden Hour? Then enjoy a last breakfast together in the Dining Hall.

Morning: FINAL REVIEW: We'll finish up with a brief review of the course and map out pathways to further development of skills and techniques. This shortened morning session allows everyone sufficient time to pack up equipment and be prepared for departure. Please note that check-out is by 10:00am. We trust you have enjoyed and benefited from this new program and will return for other rewarding Road Scholar learning adventure in the future. Best wishes for all your journeys!

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