An Oxford WWI Conference: Remembering The Great War
Immerse yourself in the story of WWI in Oxford, where you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the events of the Great War through conferences, lectures and expert-led speaker discussions.
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On July 28, 1914 in Serbia, the first shots of the Great War were fired. Four years later, more than 9 million soldiers had lost their lives, while another 21 million suffered injuries. We invite you to join distinguished scholars and historians in Oxford, England for a historic conference event. Delve into the battles, the strategy, the weapons, the politics and the lasting effects of the war with leading experts at the conference.
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On Your Feet
Walking and standing up to 2 hours on some field trips.

Best of all, you'll ...

  • Gain insight into the events of the First World War with renowned experts, authors, historians and broadcasters during a private conference in Oxford.
  • Enjoy the experience of studying at a major Oxford college.
  • Join speakers for discussions of the major events of 1917.

General Notes

Expand your journey! Each departure of this program features a unique extension.
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Jonathan Boff
Dr. Jonathon Boff is a Senior Lecturer in Modern History at the University of Birmingham. He spent 20 years working in the private sector — spending much of his time in Asia — before returning to academia to pursue his Ph.D. at King’s College London. His current research is on the development of modern warfare with a focus on the German and British armies. He is the author of “Winning and Losing on the Western Front: The British Third Army and the Defeat of Germany, 1918.”
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Jonathan Boff
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Andrew Lambert
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Andrew Duff
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Spencer Jones
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John Harris
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Stuart Mitchell
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Matthias Strohn
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Gary Sheffield
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Jonathan Krause
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James KItchen
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