Alberta/British Columbia

Western Canada by Train & Ferry: Grizzlies, Orcas & Totems

Breathtaking vistas, unique wildlife, ancient cultures and traditional ways of life — discover this and more as you explore Western Canada from Alberta to the Inside Passage.
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I can't imagine finding a more educational and enlightening group with whom to travel!!


Greg Allemang was an excellent guide and coordinator. The activities keep you busy and you will see a great amount of the wild areas of the British Columbia coast and the Canadian Rockies. Wildlife viewing was excellent for whales, but somewhat disappointing for grizzlies. Cultural presentations were excellent. There isn't much free time. There is a lot of time spent on getting from place to place including buses, ferry and train and not much time spent hiking. The quality of the transportation was excellent. Train delays were significant.


This program was all it was advertised to be and more. 2 days on a train a whole day on a ferry. Orcas and humpbacks viewed as well as bears. Even spotted a mama moose and her baby. Added viewing of a train going through spiral tunnels.


If you have always wanted to visit British Columbia and the Canadian Rockies, this is the program for you. It is well organized, covers many wonderful topics - orcas, humpback whales, grizzlies and wildlife in the Canadian Rockies. It covers a lot of territory so there is a lot of travel - first class on the ferry, first class on the train, buses, water taxis, grizzly viewing vehicle, SnoCats on the glacier. The orca and grizzly bear experiences are right there and full of surprising information. The color of the lakes in the Rockies, the sheer scale of the mountains is unforgettable.


Be aware that your train trip might be anywhere from 13-20 hours as freight trains take precedence and there will be many unscheduled stops. We spent two nights in a hot hotel room without air conditioning. You might want to take a different trip to see the beauty of Canada.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

This trip was very enjoyable and we loved seeing such beautiful country. Anita was an excellent group leader!! The presenters and local experts were very informative and added to our enjoyment of the trip. Heidi Fengler was exceptional, very well versed in her field of study and eager to impart her knowledge, which was extensive. Our three modes of transportation, (bus, train and ferry) added to the enjoyment of the trip and all were clean and well maintained. The accommodations were very good, except for our stay in Jasper. I think most of the participants felt like they would be willing to spend a little more if it meant a better hotel. Anita did explain to us the problems getting accommodations for groups during the summer so perhaps this was the only venue available. However, this would not prevent us from taking this trip again as we were only in Jasper for a limited time. Overall, this trip was wonderful as we got to see and learn so very much .


This was our 5th and certainly not our last RS trip. Though we came from different parts of the country, viewpoints and backgrounds, it was amazing how we all enjoyed the program's emphasis on nature and the wonderful program lecturers. Hoping we can take this gift of finding "common ground" home!


A great way to see lots of Canada in a short period and with lots of varied activities, scenery and wildlife. Anita was great in making sure that it all went off without a hitch. The schedule is packed and that does mean a need for stamina because of days with late arrivals and early departures as well as train delays.


This is the adventure of a lifetime! Perfect size group and wonderful group leader made the journey very satisfying. I was amazed at the quality and quantity of experiences we had on this trip. Also, it was an excellent value. We all loved the various modes of transportation and the awe-inspiring landscapes.


This program is very well organized and provides a full variety of experiences. From the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Coast with all of the wildlife included. We saw brown bears, grizzlies, humpback whales, elk, deer, dolphins, sea lions and more. From beautiful lakes to glaciers, mountains, trees and wildflowers - the terrain was varied and beautiful. Travel included bus, boat ferries and train. There was actually a little less walking than I had anticipated, but it is definitely on-the-go. When the sun rises at 5:30 and sets and 10:00, there is a lot of daylight time for activities and a lot of ground and water to cover. It was a wonderful experience.

H. David

A worthy exploration of the scenic and animal wonders of Alberta and British Columbia. Be prepared for some early morning departures that mean getting up around 4 a.m. But the effort is worth it when you have such great experiences.


Amazing experience!! This was our first Road Scholar experience. Traveling with my (Very spry)84 year old relative,we were a bit concerned that we would be the “kids” on the trip. We may have been,; but only chronologically... It gives a whole new meaning to”keeping the pace”! From the group leader, to the participants...we enjoyed exploring Western Canada tremendously. Having the entire 12 days planned to the last detail, made this a stress free trip.From the natural beauty of the Rockies and the lakes; the glaciers, and the wildlife; traveling by bus, rail and by ferry this was an exceptional adventure!

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

for the most part - a great trip. The leader did an extra good job in our final city - Vancouver. We had 3 people on the trip that were not capable of doing the required activity. This has happened on a number of other trips too. The leader spend lots of extra time helping them and even had RS pay for a cab for them when everyone else was capable of walking 4 blocks. The first day was confusing. Most people rode the bus to Banff. But a few were assigned to shuttle buses. We had no orientation that included introductions.


The program was a wonderful circumventing British Columbia. The Anita, the Group Leader, was one of the best I have encountered in over a dozen RS programs. Just about everyday had some event that was going to be very interesting. The scenery was exceptional, and everyone in the group had a good time. If you like to travel, this is the program to attend.


This was a trip I will never forget.If you are into wildlife and natural beauty this is a fantastic trip. We want to travel more to Vancouver and Victoria and other parts of Canada. I think it is my new favorite foreign country to travel. And they speak English.

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