Independent: Arts In-Depth at the Edinburgh Festivals

Discover Scotland’s cultural legacy as you enjoy a week of insider access at the Edinburgh Festivals with renowned producer and director Giles Ramsay.
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I was not satisfied with this trip. The accommodations are college dorms not a hotel and although this was okay with me I think there should have been some things done to offset the inconvenience. I did not share a room and I was glad I did not. The accommodations were not suitable for sharing a room with someone you don't already know. The cafeteria is in a different building than the rooms. Although it was identified as independent study I think a little effort could have been made to have the group members meet each other and share time together. On the first night we should have had a group meal in a restaurant with the opportunity to have a drink and socialize. Having dinner at small tables in the cafeteria did not lend itself to this. We ate the blah college cafeteria food and dispersed promptly. You would not want to go to the bar mentioned in the write up if you are over 25. At the morning meeting there was no provision for coffee and you could not take out coffee from the cafeteria or buy takeout coffee nearby. If coffee was provided, people would have come a little before meeting time and mingled. The 4 preselected paid events ranged from okay to awful. I skipped the somber last one and went to a wonderful upbeat Fringe one instead. This is the fault of the overly pompous instructor of the group. The guy who is the group leader is not an Edinburgh local and is of limited assistance. However, I highly recommend this trip if you don't mind these things. I was busy from early morning to night mostly on my own. The Fringe is the best part of the festival and I enjoyed the Book Festival too - book during the overlap. The Whiskey tasting and dinner at the Whiskey Club held the last night was excellent.

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