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Adirondack Great Camp Adventure: Sagamore With Your Family

Welcome to Sagamore’s historic Family Camp, where a fun-filled week of hiking, canoeing and making s’mores with your family will reveal the best of the Great Outdoors.
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6 days
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6 days
5 nights
14 meals
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Registration, Orientation
Raquette Lake
Great Camp Sagamore

Activity note: Welcome sessions and orientation.

Afternoon: Registration begins at 4:00 pm at Great Camp Sagamore.

Dinner: Dinner in the Vanderbilt Dining Hall consists of a hot entree, salads, breads, vegetables, fresh fruit, desert, and hot and cold beverages.

Evening: Our evening session is required of all participants. Welcome meeting and orientation includes introductions and itinerary discussion. We also will answer questions that you may have, and you will sign up for any special sessions during your stay with us.

Historical Tour, Canoeing & Water Games, Campfire
Raquette Lake
Great Camp Sagamore

Activity note: Walking on uneven dirt roads, trail walking, water activities require appropriate footwear. Have insect repellent readily available. Afternoon water activities are weather dependent, and alternative activities are planned if weather prohibits us from being in the water.

Breakfast: All breakfasts are served at 8:00 am in the Vanderbilt dining hall, with lovely views of the sun rising over the mountains of the Blue Ridge Wilderness. Breakfast choices typically include selections such as: one hot entry, like pancakes, scrambled eggs, french toast; hot & cold cereal & milk; and several juices. Coffee, tea, and very pure Sagamore water are always available to guests.

Morning: We start each morning with an optional Nature Walk at 6:30 am! After breakfast, get out on Sagamore Lake with a guide. Learn about the wilderness areas surrounding the camp while paddling across the calm, remote lake and practicing your stokes.

Lunch: Lunch in the Sagamore dining hall. Lunches typically include selections such as sandwich meats, cheeses, breads and condiments; a hot entree like macaroni & cheese or soup; various salads, like cole slaw or potato salad; and a variety of fresh fruits. Milk, coffee, tea, and Sagamore water are always available for meals.

Afternoon: We'll go out for a short walk on Sagamore's grounds to collect wild berries and learn about the animals that enjoy them as well. We'll use the berries to hand-churn homemade wildberry ice cream for an afternoon treat. Afterward, we'll take a music lesson to prepare for the evening barn dance. The rest of the afternoon will include leisure time to go swimming, play lawn games, or just hang out. Comfortable Adirondack chairs are arranged on the lake shore so that guests can relax and read a book, or watch the activities!

Dinner: Dinner in the Vanderbilt Dining Hall. Important announcements will be made each evening as needed.

Evening: We'll get together at the barn for an old-fashioned barn dance. Our musicians will play folk instruments, such as acoustic guitar and fiddle, while calling the dance. They'll talk us through easy steps so that everyone can join in and dance.

Nature Activities & Hikes, Swimming, Crafts
Raquette Lake
Great Camp Sagamore

Activity note: Outdoor activities - weather can change so be prepared for all possibilities. Trails are uneven and can be rocky - please wear appropriate footwear. Parents are required to accompany children and youth in all activities.

Breakfast: Breakfast in the Sagamore Dining Hall.

Morning: After our Early Bird Nature Walk and breakfast, we will meet for nature activities on the trails and grounds. We'll start out using natural materials to create a take-home craft and then go out on a stream exploration walk before lunch. In family groups, we'll search for aquatic macroinvertebrates in the stream bed, so make sure to bring your water shoes.

Lunch: Lunch in the Dining Hall at noon.

Afternoon: Our afternoon will consist of a guided history walk around Great Camp Sagamore so that everyone can get more acquainted to our historic accommodations. Afterward, we'll have afternoon free time to swim, play games, or relax.

Dinner: Dinner at 6:00 in the Dining Hall.

Evening: Jeannine Laverty will do an Adirondack storytelling performance as we gather around the fire. Bring your snacks and beverages, kids can bring their blankets and snuggle up on the floor by the fire, and let your imagination take you to wherever Jeannine's stories lead you!

Outdoor Skills & Free Time for Family Adventures!
Raquette Lake
Great Camp Sagamore

Activity note: Morning activities will take place on the trails and in the woods - dress for the weather, and bring your insect repellent. Also an afternoon of family free time to explore local attractions.

Breakfast: In the Dining Hall. Be sure to make a pack-out lunch for every one in the family for your free afternoon!

Morning: After our usual Early Bird Nature Walk and breakfast, our morning will consist of a storytelling workshop with Jeannine Laverty. During this lesson, we'll learn how to tell stories with the poise and expression of a professional. Tonight we will have the opportunity to show off our skills at the campfire. After the storytelling workshop, we'll continue with nature activities until our break.

Lunch: Pack out lunch for all - eat wherever you may be!

Afternoon: FREE TIME: Families may spend the afternoon out of camp exploring local venues. Many participants choose to visit the nearby Adirondack Museum (30 minute drive) or Wild Center Natural History Museum (60 minutes). Perhaps you'll want to do some exploring on your own, either in or out of camp.

Dinner: We'll celebrate camp traditions with an outdoor cook-out and picnic.

Evening: Our evening activity will be a Campfire at the historic Wigwam Lean-to, with songs and stories. These programs are family oriented, and parents, grandparents, and kids can come prepared with a favorite song or story to add to our gathering!

Nature Programs & Activities
Raquette Lake
Great Camp Sagamore

Activity note: Programs will be outside, so bring clothing to be comfortable and dry. Evening activities will begin at the Playhouse, with a night hike (bring a red lens flashlight and insect repellent for the hike!).

Breakfast: Awaits your arrival in the Dining Hall

Morning: After the usual Early Bird Nature Walk and breakfast, we will be out on the trails learning about Wilderness Ethics with an outdoor guide. The guide will point out trees, plants, animals along the way.

Lunch: In the Sagamore Dining Hall.

Afternoon: During the last afternoon we'll have a scavenger hunt around camp. Each family will rely on information they have learned throughout the week and a list of clues to get the answers. Following the conclusion of the camp-wide scavenger hunt, we'll have more swim time, lawn games, and time to relax.

Dinner: In the Sagamore Dining Hall.

Evening: Our final evening will end with a crepuscular walk. We'll start before dark and enjoy outdoor activities until night falls. Guides will encourage us to use our senses, listening for bard owls, amphibians, and other wildlife that gets active when the stars come out.

Early Bird Nature Walk & Goodbyes!
Raquette Lake

Activity note: Early morning walk might be cool, dress for the weather and temperature.

Breakfast: A good breakfast for the road in the Dining Hall.

Morning: Don't forget our final Early Bird Nature Walk at 6:30 am before breakfast! We will meet one last time to get our Friendship List, turn in our name tags, and collect our Walking Sticks. Then it is time to pack up and get ready for your travels! Check-out is at 10:00 am.

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