The Spirit of Oxford
Discover what makes Oxford such a cultural treasure as you admire its architecture, walk in the footsteps of renowned writers and enjoy expert-led excursions to iconic monuments.
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If you want to really get to know Oxford and have an in-depth introduction to the city and its history, then this trip is for you. I had a wonderful time, met a lot of great people, and came home feeling like I'd truly experienced a place. Oxford and the surrounding areas are fascinating, and Road Scholar provided group leaders and lecturers who enhanced the experience. I look forward to going back someday!


Program director (John Hudson) orchestrated an excellent, thoughtful program. The course offerings were outstanding; the sequence of presentations was well integrated and comprehensive. Discussions were informative and interesting. Tours to Oxford colleges and oxfordshire locations were well done. Speakers were professional, well prepared, and engaging. Bel Glover (Group Leader) facilitated the educational process. A fine team effort.


This was my first Road Scholar program, but it won't be my last. The program far exceeded my expectations. I learned a great deal, saw beautiful sights, and met interesting people. John did an exceptional job planning the lectures and excursions and gave us really informative talks. The other lecturers were also very interesting. The excursions nicely balanced what we learned and helped make the learning every more dynamic. Bel did a wonderful job taking care of everything and made a lovely trip even better. I highly recommend this trip regardless of how many times you've visited Oxford - you will learn something new.


Oxford is a beautiful city incorporating a great university, set in a lovely part of England, and this program draws on all these gifts to provide an enjoyable educational experience. I can recommend it highly to anyone with an interest in English culture.


Incredible program, great introduction to the area, the University, and the people of Oxford including authors, artists, and even a TV series about the area. Lectures are informative, field trips follow on with relevant sites and additional information.


A delightful program based in a single location with plenty of learning opportunities via expert lectures and field trips. My perception of Oxford has been enlarged as we delved into the architecture, artists, and authors who've shaped "the spirit of Oxford."


My Spirit of Oxford trip far exceeded expectations and provided me many rich and varied experiences in how the structure of university education was formed in the Middle Ages and evolved through the Protestant Reformation - the Puritan revolt on to the 20th century. Our group leader John Hudson was exceptional in his knowledge and ability to distill a wide range of information from the Humanities into easily retained concepts from the last 600 years of English history.


The Spirit of Oxford program was delightful. A wonderful city and visits to the Cotswold are included. If you are interested in Oxford and writers associated with the university, it is a great learning experience.


The Spirit of Oxford fulfilled my expectations and more. Our two leaders were absolutely committed to having our experience be wonderful in every way. Oxford's art, geography, architecture, literature, and history were all presented with insight and understanding of the subject. A special bonus were the coach trips into the beautiful Cotswold countryside.


The Spirit of Oxford was a wonderful trip and Oxford was everything I imagined it would be and better.


This is an excellent learning program experienced in one of England's most wonderful small cities. One can almost see the knowledge floating above the dreaming spires of the many colleges. Although I'd visited Oxford several times in my life, this was still a most enriching experience for me & I highly recommend the program to anyone with a passion for learning. A wonderful bonus were the field trips into the gorgeous Cotswold countryside. These peaceful and change-of-pace adventures will probably leave you wanting more of the same. Our group leader & our instructor were informative, knowledgeable & caring which added in no small way to the success of this trip.


"The Spirit of Oxford" surpassed even my high expectations based on the online reviews of past participants. The entire experience as managed by John Garrot ran perfectly smoothly; he was not only efficient but also personal,taking an interest in everyone's satisfaction with the program. His choice of activities——sites in and around the University and beyond, as well as dinners in lovely restaurants and lively pubs——provided opportunities to learn and to socialize. John Hudson's many lectures successfully conveyed the essence of particular periods of history, art, architecture, and literature. He is a true teacher. Perhaps the most outstanding characteristic of the program was the genuine commitment of the program's leaders and lecturers to create an experience of the highest quality. And they did just that!


If you love (or even just have a passing interest in) Inspector Morse, Alice in Wonderland, The Hobbit, and/or The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, then this is the trip for you.


The Spirit of Oxford provides an in-depth view of art, architecture, and history as they pertain to Oxford and the surrounding area. The educational quality of the program is quite high. Contributing to the program's appeal was its pace--relaxed, unhurried, and situated in a single hotel with virtually all meals included. We learned lot from John Hudson and the other experts, all of whom were simply excellent.


There was no one waiting for me at Heathrow airport. Thankfully I had the Road Scholar London number to call and they sent someone out. I do not like expecting to see someone waiting for me at the airport and for that person not to be there. It's lucky that I had a special one month setting on my cell phone so that I was able to call the london road scholar office. What would have happened had I not initiated that service.


A most interesting program on the history of the City of Oxford and its colleges and their impact on religion, politics, architecture, art, literature and science.


I got so much more out of this program than I had expected. I knew that I would like the art and history, but was surprised how much I enjoyed the literature and philosophy. Of course we had really excellent instructors. Oxford itself and the field trips we took were magical and will long live in my memory.

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