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Flamenco & Fortresses: Spain’s Great River With Your Grandchild

Experience the wonders of Spain as you dance Flamenco, explore a former royal palace and venture to an awesome bull farm, all while building lifelong memories with your grandchild.
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11 days
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Flamenco & Fortresses: Spain’s Great River With Your Grandchild

Experience the wonders of Spain as you dance Flamenco, explore a former royal palace and venture to an awesome bull farm, all while building lifelong memories with your grandchild.
11 days
Starts at
Program No. 20642 RJ
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At a Glance

What’s a great way for you and your grandchild to experience Spain? Well that would be by the “great river,” of course! On an exciting learning adventure, sail down the Guadalquivir — or “great river” in Arabic — to explore Andalusia, the colorful Spanish region known for its fun Flamenco dancers, fearsome bulls and red-walled fortresses high in the hills. From feeling like royalty at magnificent castles to learning how to whip up tasty tapas, discover that Spain is anything but plain as you explore this amazing country together.

Best of all, you'll ...

  • Dance the day away during a Flamenco dance lesson to truly feel like a local.
  • Venture to a jaw-dropping Andalusian Pueblo Blanco “white village” to learn about its mysterious myths and legends.
  • Explore a local "ganaderia" (a ranch where bulls are raised) to learn more about life in Spain and enjoy an exciting field trip to one of the most impressive bullrings in the country.

General Notes

This program is for grandchildren ages 11-15. Because of the special nature of this program, we request that you call us to enroll. Please call toll free at (800) 454-5768, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. ET.
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You can find many of the books we recommend at the Road Scholar store on bookshop.org, a website that supports local bookstores.
Lonely Planet Spanish Phrasebook
by Izaskun Arretxe
This handy pocket phrasebook includes pronunciation, basic grammar and essential vocabulary.
I, Juan de Pareja
by Elizabeth De Trevino
This Newbery Award-winning children's novel, based on a true story, chronicles the evolution of the friendship between the Spanish painter Velazquez and his African slave. Ages 9-12.
The Face of Spain
by Gerald Brenan
Brenan searches for Lorca's unmarked grave (and knows not if he has found it), travels to the great mosque in Cordoba, the Synagogue of Toledo and other touchstones of Spain's history, in this immensely pleasurable portrait of Spain in 1949, the wounds of the war still fresh.
Secrets in the House of Delgado
by Gloria Miklowitz
Set in Spain in 1492 in the thick of the Inquisition, this historical novel tells of what happens when a Catholic orphan, taken in by a Catholic family of Jewish ancestry, agrees to spy on her protectors. For ages 9-12.
The Ornament of the World, How Muslims, Jews, and Christians Created a Culture of Tolerance in Medieval Spain
by Maria Rosa Menocal, Harold Bloom (Introduction)
A lively, illuminating portrait of the Andalucian Kingdom, its cultural achievements and religious tolerance from the eighth century to 1492.
Ghosts of Spain
by Giles Tremlett
Tremlett captures the Spanish character, history and modern politics in this masterful portrait, interweaving the story of his love for the country (where he has lived for 20 years) with interviews, anecdotes and observation.
The Story of Spanish
by Jean-Benoit Nadeau
What began as a small dialect spoken in northern Spain became the world’s most spoken language after English. The husband-and-wife team responsible for The Story of French (FRA98) are here to tell you how, with an emphasis on the pervasiveness of Spanish culture.
Granada, A Novel
by Radwa Ashur, William Granara (Translator)
A beautiful and haunting cultural tale about a Muslim family living in Granada at the time of its conquest by Ferdinand and Isabella.
Culinaria Spain
by Marion Trutter (Editor)
Organized by region, this profusely illustrated guide to virtually all aspects of Spanish cuisine is full of recipes, tips and cultural information.
Death and the Sun, A Matador's Season in the Heart of Spain
by Edward Lewine
A glimpse into Spanish culture by way of the celebrated art of bullfighting. Lewine spent a year with one of Spain's most celebrated matadors, and writes with a visible reverence for the exciting tradition in this cultural portrait.
Death in the Afternoon
by Ernest Hemingway
Hemingway's ode to the sport of bullfighting, considered one of the best on the sport.
Platero and I
by Juan Ramon Jimenez, Eloise Roach (Translator)
This lyric portrait of life -- and the little donkey, Platero -- in a remote Andalusian village is the masterpiece of Juan Ramon Jimenez, the Spanish poet awarded the 1956 Nobel Prize for Literature.
Spain or Shine
by Michelle Jellen
Elena goes to Spain to strike out on her own, but the 16 year-old must first overcome her insecurities. The third book in the SASS (Students Across the Seven Seas) series.
Spain, The Root and the Flower
by John A. Crow
Take this book with you to Spain: it's an absorbing, well-written account of Spanish cultural history from prehistory to the Romans, Jews, Moors, Golden Age and on to Franco and his legacy in modern Spain.
Only in Spain, A Foot-Stomping, Firecracker of a Memoir About Food, Flamenco and Falling in Love
by Nellie Bennett
In this exuberant memoir, an enthusiastic young Australian discovers a passion for Spanish culture (especially flamenco) as she explores Seville and Madrid.
The Alhambra
by Robert Irwin
Irwin's brief, indispensable guide introduces the stunning Moorish palace and fortress complex, revealing its mysteries, myths and significance with wit and insight.
Shadow of a Bull
by Maia Wojciechowska
In this compelling award-winning, young-adult novel, everyone expects Manolo to become a bullfighter like his father. Not surprisingly, it features vivid descriptions of bullfights.
Bracebridge Hall, Tales of a Traveller, the Alhambra
by Washington Irving
This collection of Irving's writing, published by the Library of America, is the only book in print that contains "The Alhambra," his romantic account of travels in Southern Spain.
Moorish Spain
by Richard Fletcher
This book on the history and culture of Islam in Spain is detailed but readable.
Eyewitness Guide Seville and Andalusia
by Eyewitness Guides
This wonderfully organized and visually rich guide features excellent maps and essays on the culture, history and geography of the region. With a pullout city map of Seville.
Granada: A Pomegranate in the Hand of God
by Steven Nightingale
Nightingale illuminates the long obscured medieval zenith of Granada, once considered an intellectual hotbed until it was sacked by Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492. Granada’s cultural accomplishments include the first modern translations of Greek philosophy and the introduction of algebra.
Seville Map
by Streetwise Maps
A laminated, folded walking map of Seville. Two Sides. 8.5x27 inches.
Andalucia Map 578
by Michelin Travel Publications
A travelers' map of Andalucia and the Costa del Sol at a scale of 1:400,000 with city plans of Seville, Malaga and Granada.
Driving over Lemons, An Optimist in Andalucia
by Chris Stewart
Stewart's memoir about moving with his wife to a farm in Alpujarras is charming and insightful. Unlike many expatriates, Stewart manages to ground himself far enough into the community to make lasting friends -- as well as a home for his young daughter.
If You Were There in 1492, Everyday Life in the Time of Columbus
by Barbara Brenner
A "you-were-there" history of medieval Spain, written for middle-schoolers and fun for the family. This clever illustrated history gives the facts of life in the cities and countryside from a child's point of view.

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