Grecian Voyage: Discover the Wonders of the Aegean
Enjoy lectures and expert insight on the ancient wonders of the Aegean, learning about volcanic islands, picturesque villages, sacred monuments and the myths of classical Greece.
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The tour is a trouble-free way to get an overview of Athens and the islands of the Aegean. It is like a sampler -- you get a taste of a lot of different sites, though not an in-depth experience of any one of them. It's a great way to figure out where you might want to return, and returning is a must. Greece has a unique character and history that definitely inspire further exploration.

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It's impossible to review the program accurately since we followed an almost completely different itinerary from the one listed. We're always told it's vital to be flexible, and this illustrated why: the winds and thus the seas were too high for us to go to the Cyclades at all, and we ended up circumnavigating the Peloponnesian peninsula instead. It was a wonderful trip (a Greek-born participant was thrilled, saying it was the REAL Greece we were seeing), and the group was very upbeat about it. The guide was excellent, as were the activities and the shore excursions. Now the trouble is that I don't dare keep this program on my wish list, lest this occur again, as they say it could at any time of year.

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