Independent Québec City and Montréal: People, Places, Culture

Gain a comprehensive understanding of Montréal and Québec from experts, learning about the art, architecture, history and cuisine of these two great French Canadian cities.
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Well organized, great instructors, good food and accommodation.


This was a very enjoyable program with just the right mix of organized sessions/events/meals and independent time to do as we pleased. Group leader and guides were informative and fun. Group participants were great to spend time with. Highly recommend.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

The distinctive ambiance of both Montreal and Quebec City offered contrasting experiences that contributed variety and interest to the program. Mornings consisted of fast paced group activities led by numerous local history and culture experts. Afterwards, there was ample free time for independent exploration and the tour leader provided helpful guidance on how to use public transportation to get around. The behind-the-scenes organ demonstration at Notre-Dame Basilica was a highlight and is a good example of the advantage of travelling with Road Scholars to participate in exclusive experiences. The scholars in the group were convivial and a pleasant camaraderie quickly developed. Logistics pertaining to the hotel, air and ground transportation, excursions, and dining were well managed. This program piqued my interest in visiting other areas of Canada.


Learning about Montreal and Quebec were great fun--have your walking shoes. The history is fascinating, the architecture makes you feel like you are in a European city, and the food was amazing! The opportunity to meet interesting fellow travelers and the wonderful guides and lecturers make RS my favorite way to travel.


Wonderful trip, exceeding expectations. It was our first Road Scholar experience, and it will definitely not be the last.


Great Trip! I would add an extra day (at least!) in Quebec City, but our guides and events were outstanding. And the free time allowed for exploration on our own virtually every day!


This tour was the perfect mix of planned group activities and time to explore on your own. Having passes to the local museums and public transportation helped to facilitate one's independent exploring. One of the best trips we have ever taken! I will treasure the memories.


This is an educational and well organized trip that explores many facets of the region including history and current lifestyles in Montreal and Quebec City. The hotels are especially comfortable and convenient. There is plenty of time for individual exploration as well as time to share with the other participants. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to other Independent RS trips.


Perfect combination of informative tours and free time, with opportunities to visit excellent museums, and interesting dining opportunities.


I loved trip! Sylvie Nadeau was an amazing facilitator!!!! She was always helpful, cheerful and organized. I learned so much about Canadian history while enjoying the beauty of Quebec. I have always wanted to visit Quebec, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.


This was our first Road Scholar trip so it is hard to compare to other trips. we thoroughly enjoyed the trip, the independent study format the well prepared and informed information presented and best of all two beautiful, vibrant cities. Highly recommend.


If you enjoy history, art, exploring a city, and great food, this program is apt to appeal to you. (The Metro in Montreal is easy to navigate.)


Our first RS tour exceeded our expectations - well organized, wonderfully knowledgeable instructors and group leader. Will definitely look toward doing another RS INDEPENDENT tour since it offers a combination of structured lecture / sight seeing and free independent time to WANDER ABOUT!


The Independent Québec and Montréal program was absolutely excellent! Everything from the accommodations, to the food, to the transportation arrangements, to suggestions as to what to visit and see in each city were wonderful. In addition, the quality of the guides and instructors were superior. I would highly recommend this program.


We enjoyed the mix of organized activities & free time, especially since Road Scholar offered suggestions & provided vouchers for independent touring in both cities. We really liked the location of both hotels - great access to many of the destinations listed in the program materials. The program materials were very informative, both before & during the trip. The activity level described by Road Scholar was accurate, and I would not recommend the trip for anyone who could not participate in that level of activity. Two wonderful cities, full of history, art, culture, and lovely people who are friendly and helpful to tourists.


If you love European charm, but don't want to take the trip "across the pond," then Quebec City is the place for you! It was lovely, and we had lots of time to explore since most of your afternoons and evenings are on your own. The group trips were very informative, especially the visit to the Governor General's residence in the Citadel in Quebec City. There are also loads of things to see and do in Montreal. The local guides were wonderful! Seeing the demonstration of the organ in Notre Dame was a surprising highlight. The organist has been there for 45 years and is very charming and informative.


Our trip to Montreal and Quebec was informative and fascinating. I learned so much about history and current affairs while there that I didn't know. Meeting with the organist at Montreal's Basilica of Notre Dame was an absolute highlight. I highly recommend going to Aura there at least one night -- there's nothing like it anywhere else!


This program delivers just what it says - culture and history of the area. Also has a few surprises that make the trip memorable. If you love walking and eating fantastic food this tour is for you. Also, read the suggested novel (one of the surprises)!

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

The link that was sent to me in e-mail to enter my review did not work: https://evaluations.roadscholar.org/account/prog_eval_requestasp?Id=1-I3BS82 I hope that entering this review satisfies the e-mail sending routine! We enjoyed this independent program to Montreal and Quebec City very much. I like the arrangement of tours and information in the morning, with afternoons free for our own explorations. Really loved having the bus/rail pass in Montreal! I wish we could have trekked up the Montmorency Falls, but perhaps this is part of another program. And we got some rain in Quebec City, but you can't control the weather. Highlights of the program were the organ recital in the Notre Dame Basilica, the Armand Gamache tour, the chamber music recital, and our own independent afternoon visit to Mont Royale. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone able to keep walking! One (minor) quibble. I'm the one who registered us for the program, made travel arrangements through Road Scholar, etc., but when we checked into the hotels, the rooms were always being held under my husband's name. Why not my name?


This is the third time I have submitted an evaluation of my most recent tour. The website is great. The mailings are WAAAAAY too many.


The Let's Go Montreal and Quebec City was an awesome experience! Our guide, Julie, was terrific, and the tour was well-organized, including a great variety of educational and food experiences, as well as free time. Met some wonderful fellow travelers and shared a great experience together!


Travel with an open mind and be prepared to be happily surprised by the experiences you did not expect. Make a quiet but determined effort to talk separately with each person in the group. Sometimes it's hard if one is shy, but others welcome hearing a stranger use their name and listen to their story or what's on their mind.


This program was a great introduction to French Canada and the cities of Montreal and Quebec City. Just the right combination of expert-led walking tours and independent time for our own exploration. Wonderful trip!


A fantastic way to see Montreal and Quebec City!


Wonderful destination and program. Makes you want to visit again.


Just experienced our first trip with RS . We are still in the work force, making us a bit different then the others. But we are well traveled and enjoyed our co travelers . The experience was completely enjoyed, will recommend them to friends and will look into using them to go abroad.


An excellent program--both mentally and physically stimulating. Can't wait for my next trip!


A really wonderful experience. The right amount of time in both Montreal and Quebec City for getting a taste of both cities. My husband and I enjoyed the experience of combining a structured tour with ample free (independent) time. I would highly recommend this tour.


This is a fabulous, well-structured, well-organized trip led by outstanding group leaders and expert guides within both Montreal and Quebec City. My traveling partner and I enjoyed every minute and learned so much. The daily free time gave us opportunity to explore what we had learned in the morning lectures, walks and visits.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

My first Road Scholar trip which I thoroughly enjoyed. I traveled as a single and you really do solo travel well. Just enough group informational sessions to develop confidence in striking out with other singles or on our own. I especially loved the hotel location in Quebec City which was my favorite city. My favorite part of the trip was the private organ performance at the basilica in Montreal.


The Montreal-Quebec City trip is more than an excursion. It is a necessary visit to near and dear neighbors. We all should be so fortunate as to have this experience.


We had a great time and it was a wonderful week. It reminded me of some cruises we have been on where we had time together and where we had tours together and independently.


The Independent Montreal and Quebec trip is FANTASTIC! Great itinerary, wonderful sites and foods, and abundant free time to explore. It is a very well-organized trip with once in a lifetime experiences like a private organ concert at Notre Dame of Montreal and lunch at the Chateau Frontenac. Sylvie is a warm, fun, knowledgable, enthusiastic and upbeat tour guide, who made this trip even more wonderful.


Group leader and all of the topic experts were wonderful. This trip was a great way to learn about both cities and Canadian history. Very enjoyable and informative. Good balance of learning opportunities and free time.


I was totally satisfied with my first Road Scholar program! Great mix of lectures and free time which provided a wonderful way to learn about both Montreal and Quebec City. Access to tours such as an organ recital at Notre Dame Basilica and tour of Governor General's residence that are not readily available to the average tourist enhanced my experience. In addition to learning about the history of Quebec province, we also gained an appreciation of current day politics and society. Sylvie and her group of enthusiastic and knowledgeable tour guides made us feel welcome to Montreal and Quebec City!


This program was a great way to get to know two dynamic Canadian cities and the cultural differences between the Anglo and Francophone Québécois. Highlights were the food tour and organ concert in Montreal, and book club walking tour in Quebec City. We spent a lot of time preparing for this program so we would have a plan for what to do in our abundant free time. You will get the most out of this program if you invest some time in preparation—it was well worth it.

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