Cross-Country Skiing in Beautiful Rural Vermont

Cross-Country ski your way through some of the most beautiful landscapes in New England as you enjoy expert instruction, a guided snowshoe excursion and engaging lectures.
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A great way to learn to cross country ski! After 3 days of lessons, I enjoyed the long ski to Charlie’s Cabin to look for wild animal tracks (we even saw otter tracks - so cool!) and for hot cocoa and cookies. Lessons were available for all levels - novices and experienced skiers - and as you progressed, you could move up into more advanced ski groups. The program also included relaxing afternoon yoga and morning stretching and that was really welcome to my sore muscles. The leaders Eloise and Lucy are outstanding - all the Instructors were super.


Outstanding. This was my 5th RS trip and every aspect was well done. Accomodated my advanced beginner skiing ability with encouragement while making it fun. Yoga complemented the skiing and people perfectly. Food was better than my other RS trips and those were excellent. co-Leaders Lucy and Eloise were the best. Congenial at all time. Solicited and listened to suggestions for improvement. Location was one of the most beautiful places in New England. Could not be bettter. My first RS that I will repeat.


Wonderful opportunity to nurture body and soul in the snowy Vermont woods. I was able to resume cross-country skiing after a 20-year hiatus. I was surprised to find that a problematic knee felt better after four days of vigorous cross-country skiing. Excellent food. The lodge was clean, beds were comfy, but you had to be OK with the bathroom being down the hall.


The skiing program was a refreshing respite to visit the life and cultural aspects represented in the mountain setting of rural Vermont.


This was a first-rate program -- wonderful opportunities to learn and practice cross-country skiing, delicious food and comfortable accommodations,really interesting and friendly group members and leaders.


Highly recommend this event. Craftsbury Outdoor Center is a unique and magical spot, with such a community focus and a nice mix of athletes, Road Scholars and other age groups. The ski instruction was excellent--challenging but not defeating. The dance/music was excellent, program leaders welcoming and the other participants were fantastic. Loved the snowshoe trek, the food, the camaraderie, the facility, the ease of getting there via shuttle, etc. Will definitely go again.


This is a wonderful program in a great facility in a beautiful spot. Over the years, I have attended I have met some great people. The food is terrific as is the instruction in cross-country skiing.


Always a great learning experience


Impeccably groomed ski trails, lots of snow, fantastic food, helpful and knowledgeable instructors!


This program is for all levels of skiers - from brand new, never skied before to the experienced cross country skier. The staff of Craftsbury Outdoor Center are very friendly and go out of their way to help you achieve you goals. The music is fantastic - if you have an instrument bring it and join the band. All the participants are friendly and intermingle with ease. A great time!


The cross country skiing trip in VT was a GREAT introduction to Road Scholar. We were impressed by the leaders of our group, the staff that we interacted with, the friends we made, and came away with our eyes opened with new knowledge. Thanks for organizing this fun trip.


The cross country skiing instruction is great and is adapted for all different levels of comfort with the sport. The music and dance part of the program is pure joy.


If you are interested in learning or improving your cross-country skiing technique, this is the program for you! Excellent and very patient instructors who provide relevant feedback. I am a better skier for it. The educational focus on Vermont sustainable agriculture was thoroughly presented and absolutely inspirational.


We have done this program 2X and are planning to return next year. Craftsbury is a fantastic place to learn to cross country ski- the trails are always groomed and the quality of teaching is excellent. It is lovely country there. The daily yoga offerings are also fantastic after a long day of skiing. I have some food sensitivities and the kitchen staff made me special food according to what I could eat and it was always very tasty. Strong rec if you want to learn to ski.


I had no experience with cross-country skiing and had the best time. I intend to go back as often as I can. Wonderful people, a wonderful location, and wonderful food.


Two weeks before going to Craftsbury, I tore a hamstring. I could walk but couldn't ski. When I arrived I expected to spend the week on a couch with a book. Not so. The staff was incredibly kind and helpful. They gave adaptations that allowed me to be part of all activities. They were wonderful. Watching and listening to the instructors, made me anxious to return, to benefit fully from all that expertise in sunshine and snow.


Great trip for all levels of cross country skiers. Meals were delicious and plentiful. The staff was wonderful. I would highly recommend this trip. The yoga classes were very relaxing.


Terrific program! The food at Craftsbury is incredibly good, the skiing and instructors were wonderful, and Alex (the leader) was helpful and friendly. Be prepared to dress warmly and move a lot. Try to get a massage with Chris -- the best massage I've had. Many of us enjoyed our week together so much that we hope to return for the same week next year.

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Feldenkreis not a good match-up with cross-country skiing. Now I have to change my skiing dates for next year to avoid this. I've gotten MANY emails about giving feedback on this and other recent trip but the link it email doesn't work. Why isn't that questionnaire here instead of this?


wonderful location , wonderful facilities , good food , great instructors and fine fiddle music and dancing - what's not to enjoy?


The food was delicious and much effort was made to accommodate various food needs/preferences. Crafts bury used locally raised/made products where possible and employed sustainable practices such as composting and recycling! The ski rental equipment was good, as were the ski instructors. Our group leader immediately put us at ease and was always ready to help out. Our Feldenkrais teacher was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. And, lastly, I couldn't have met a nicer group of people to ski with!

Ann Marie

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If you love to cross country ski, this is the place to go. It is interesting what they are doing about energy use.


A great program for any level of skiing. Beginners/novices were successful, had fun and were anxious for more. Expert skiers were challenged and received just enough coaching to improve our skills. Ann

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