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Ontario's Birding Hotspot: Point Pelee National Park

In a birding hotspot where thousands of songbirds find refuge, watch and listen for rare species and study plumage and bird behaviors.
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Program No. 20204RJ
8 days
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Ontario's Birding Hotspot: Point Pelee National Park

In a birding hotspot where thousands of songbirds find refuge, watch and listen for rare species and study plumage and bird behaviors.
8 days
Starts at
Program No. 20204 RJ
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8 days
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At a Glance

Point Pelee is a birding hotspot where thousands of migratory songbirds find refuge in the park’s habitats. Watch and listen for Scarlet Tanager, Indigo Bunting and Wood Warblers in brilliant breeding plumage, and observe Bald Eagle, Red-headed Woodpecker and rare species like Kirtland’s Warbler and Mississippi Kite. Study plumage, voices and behaviors that distinguish one species from the next.
Small Group
Small Group
Love to learn and explore in a small-group setting? These adventures offer small, personal experiences with groups of 10 to 24 participants.

Best of all, you'll ...

  • Visit important birding areas including Longpoint and Rondeau Provincial Parks and Point Pelee National Park.
  • Observe Wood Warblers like Chestnut-sided, Magnolia Cape May and possibly rarer species.
  • With a professional wildlife photographer, learn field techniques for taking quality bird and nature photos.

General Notes

All Road Scholar birding programs have a maximum participant-to-instructor ratio of 14:1 in the field. We adhere to the American Birding Association’s Code of Ethics. Learn more at http://www.aba.org/about/ethics.html
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The Birder Murder Mysteries
by Steve Burrows
An enthusiastic birder watcher, and reluctant Detective Chief Inspector, Domenic Jejeune helps solve mysteries in Norfolk, England. Follow Domenic Jejeune’s escapades in A Siege of Bitterns (2014), A Pitying of Doves (2015), A Cast of Falcons (2016), A Shimmer of Hummingbirds (2017), A Tiding of Magpies (2018), and in A Dance of Cranes (2019).
A Birder's Guide to Point Pelee (and Surrounding region)
by Tom Hince
This is the first book providing comprehensive information on birding in and around Canada's best known migration hotspot - Point Pelee. Birders have flocked here to document, study, and enjoy the passage of songbirds for over 100 years. Spring or fall, this spear shaped peninsula is a natural magnet for birds on the move. Over 35 different warbler are recorded here annually, and the national park and surrounding region boasts an impressive list of 378 species of birds. This volume includes detailed information on birding sites within the national park, within a short drive, and sites commonly linked with a visit to the region. Detailed directions, birding info, and birding tips are included for each site. In addition to a detailed week by week status list for all birds of the region, there are also narratives of species of particular interest to visiting birders. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of "the Point" or a newcomer, this guide is sure to be an essential companion for any visiting birder visiting Canada's Deep South.
The Great Lakes: The Natural History of a Changing Region
by Wayne Grady
Beautifully photographed, this timely portrait showcases the nature, history and importance of the Great Lakes, hub of industry and agriculture and home to 40 million people. Published in conjunction with the David Suzuki Foundation, dedicated to preserving the diversity of nature and quality of life. (GLK43, $29.95)
The Incredible Journey
by Sheila Burnford
Instinct told them that the way home lay to the west. And so the doughty young Labrador retriever, the roguish bull terrier and the indomitable Siamese set out through the Canadian wilderness. Separately, they would soon have died. But, together, the three house pets faced starvation, exposure, and wild forest animals to make their way home to the family they love. The Incredible Journey is one of the great children's stories of all time--and has been popular ever since its debut in 1961.
Birding at Point Pelee
by Henrietta O'Neill
A birder's history of one of Canada's most famous birding spots Birding at Point Pelee traces Point Pelee's story from the 1870s, to the national park's establishment in 1918, to present day, when as many as 50,000 birders visit the park in May during spring migration. The book portrays the backdrop against which the park was evolving, the scientific discoveries and changes in ornithological methods through the decades -- early specimen-collecting, bird banding, the development of binoculars and telescopes, the growth of nature photography, the shift from birding as science to birding as hobby -- as well as philosophical shifts and debates about amateur versus professional credentials, and the balance to strike between conservation and recreation. Thoroughly researched and lively, the story takes readers from the earliest days, when the birders were few but fervent, to today's international tourism phenomenon.
Ontario Wildlife: A Folding Pocket Guide to Familiar Species
by James Kavanagh
A fold-up, laminated card featuring color drawings and short descriptions of commonly encountered wildlife in Ontario. (CND284, $8.95)

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