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Jewish Connections in New Mexico
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Discover the rich Jewish heritage of New Mexico and add your own influence to the cultural imprint made by the crypto-Jews as they arrived in the Southwest after fleeing the Spanish Inquisition, and by the Ashkenazi Jews who brought commerce from the East Coast to New Mexico, quickly turning Las Vegas and Santa Fe into thriving metropolitan centers. Learn the sequence of events that led to Solomon Bibo becoming the only non-Indian ever to serve as governor of a Native American pueblo, and trace the increasingly active role New Mexico Jews played in state and national politics. On field trips and in presentations led by local experts, recap the story of the crypto-Jews and gain a better understanding of their connections to other Judaic groups, and study the history of the Ashkenazi Jews and their contributions to New Mexico and Southwest history.

Best of all, you'll ...

  • Learn how Jewish-German immigrants helped develop the atomic bomb at Los Alamos.
  • Explore how Jews interacted with members of Eastern religions who settled in New Mexico and built mosques and other worship sites here in the area.
  • Meet with a local artist to discuss the use of Jewish and Crypto-Jewish themes in her work and learn about the traditions of Kabbalah from a rabbi and author.

General Notes

For a more in depth study of just New Mexico’s conversos and Crypto-Jews from the Spanish Inquisition in the 1500's to present day ancestors, please see program #11007.
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