The Best of Yosemite National Park: An American Icon
Discover the wonders of Yosemite National Park alongside naturalists as you learn about and explore Yosemite Valley, Tuolumne Meadows, Glacier Point and many other iconic treasures.
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This program is the best way to experience many of the amazing places in Yosemite, whether you have never seen it or are returning. We learned about the "energy of a tree", saw the world-famous "Tunnel" view at the best time of the day(in the afternoon), watched the climbers on El Capitan through a very long lens. Otherwise, they were not visible as they look very small from the ground! The light changes on Half Dome. and other locations were amazing. The open times and the park's free shuttle bus gave us all many opportunities for individual exploration and just time to absorb the beauty of nature. Even with all the visitors, we could feel alone at many places.


Yosemite is awesome. Our instructor David Lucas did a fantastic job giving us background on the history, geology, and flora and fauna at the park. It was great to be there in September when there were fewer people. We are going to need to return in May to see the waterfalls at their finest.


The Yosemite Experience was awe inspiring! There is so much to see. My head was bent up to behold the beauty of El Capitan, Half Dome, Bridal Veil Falls, and the giant Sequoias in Mariposa Grove. Looking down, one beheld the beauty of the meadows, lakes, rivers and wildlife. A feast for the soul.


The serenity and the powerful majesty of Yosemite requires you to be there and experience it first hand. Coupled with naturalist Michael Elsohn Ross's gentle way of sharing in-depth knowledge about the park, this trip was a gem. August 2018 Jane


A well-planned and executed introduction to the marvels of Yosemite. Made me appreciate the work of people like Galen Clark, John Muir, and Theodore Roosevelt to preserve America's natural treasures. Visions of Yosemite endure because of programs like this, and people like we met in this program.


Visiting Yosemite National Park with Road Scholar was the perfect way to see and understand a true national treasure. The small group led by an organized and warm group leader met all my expectations. We saw and learned about all the important areas in the park.


If you wish to be awed and humbled by breathtaking beauty of the natural environment, this trip is for you. From fascinating history and inspiring stories of native Americans, pioneers, and environmental heroes to basic facts of the science of how the unique geology, flora and fauna of Yosemite Valley came to be. It's there for you.


This was a perfect trip. Iconic for sure! Trip leader Frank and naturalist-guide Pete were superb--welcoming, knowledgeable, accessible, professional. It was obvious that much planning had gone into making this week flow with various activities, both structured and open-ended. We never felt rushed nor neglected. Accommodations were fine. Certainly staying inside the park at the lodge made our stay very comfortable and efficient. There was a good balance of planned time and free time with lots of things to do, including simply watching the waterfalls or meandering the trails. It's a long bus ride from San Francisco to Yosemite; not sure why we don't just originate in Fresno instead as that would be much closer (other RS trips to Yosemite do start in Fresno). This place is a photographer's paradise. So glad we were here in the late spring as the waters were flowing everywhere--rivers, streams, waterfalls in full power. I would liked to have been able to talk directly to some of the rock-climbers as they prepare for El Capitan! Though there were many visitors, this park is so huge there was never a sense of its being overcrowded. Everyone always friendly and happy about being in this magnificent place. Hope you'll consider being part of the Yosemite Conservancy. Thank you, Frank and Pete, for this memorable week in Yosemite. We stayed around a week afterwards and rented a car to explore Sequoia NP and Kings Canyon NP on our own. This is a very doable combo to do RS in Yosemite, followed by week on your own at the other nearby NPs. And we have over 700 photographs to prove it! -Ben and Joyce


For someone that has never visited this park before, we could see the benefit of staying in the park. This is an awesome program and an excellent value.


Visiting Yosemite has been on my bucket list for many years. This year I finally got there, only to realize how much I had been missing. It is possible to get away from the crowds, to discover the peace and serenity of primal nature and to experience the grandeur of those magnificent trees. I urge everyone to do so.


My husband and I enjoyed this trip very much. Frank Baker (tour coordinator), Pete Devine (Conservancy Naturalist), Lee Stetson (John Muir portrayer) and David (bus driver) were all professional and optimized our time/experience at Yosemite. The moonbow on Lower Yosemite Falls and bear sighting near the visitor center were both unexpected and memorable. Spending 4 days in Yosemite near the Lower Yosemite Falls is a gift to yourself. It was an opportunity to slow down and breathe.


If you are an experienced photographer and want to capture moon bows, star trails over Yosemite Falls, sunsets of Half Dome, go on this trip during the late spring and bring your tripod! Staying in Yosemite Village made it easy to get to various photo sites nearby.


Excellent trip. Good group of fellow travelers, perfect weather, magnificent landscapes, and expert guides.


Experiencing the Park from the inside was magnificent. We had two great guides in Frank and Pete. The accommodations at Yosemite Lodge were good. Unfortunately the food services left a lot to be desired. On the first night there, we had a full moon and I saw a moon bow , something I never knew existed. Magical!


Road Scholar is a great idea invented !


Great program for learning about and seeing Yosemite! Naturalist on the trip was wonderful and greatly enhanced the overall experience. Perfect trip to get an overview of the park and get to see the highlights.


I so enjoyed my Yosemite adventure. The staff, including our coach driver, and program participants were wonderful. The accommodations and meals were great. Karren


An outstanding program in an extraordinary place !


I have always wanted to visit Yosemite. I loved staying in the park and enjoying all it has to offer without working out the details like how to find parking and where to get meals. I learned so much from our instructor that really enhanced the experience. A beautiful place to visit and a wonderful trip.


Yosemite is a wonder . . . and wonderFUL under the guidance of Road Scholar. Getting around the park to see the many splendors of Yosemite is easy and informative. I recommend this tour to anyone who enjoys natural beauty in the company of a warm and intelligent guide who knows all about the environment of Yosemite and how it came to be created over time. Excellent!


If you are interested in John Muir & his role in the National Parks, this is a good program. If you are interested in simple learning AND experiencing Yosemite National Park AND learning about the early people of this area, again you will enjoy this program!

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

This was a stupendous trip! We had a talented and kind leader in Barbara, ably assisted by equally talented and kind Joey. They beautifully tended to all the important and myriad details that make a trip like this run smoothly. Our naturalist and guide, David was completely amazing! His wide-ranging knowledge of the area's geologic and human history was fascinating. He literally made the trip for us. Well, that and the incredible power and beauty of Nature. The thundering waterfalls, the rushing rivers, the pristine meadows, the azure skies with the billowing clouds each afternoon, and the towering granite mountains have to be seen to be believed. We are so grateful that we were able to make this trip, especially this year, after so much snow and rainfall. Thank you, Road Scholar, for another marvelous trip!


This trip is the best way to see Yosemite and all of its treasures. The leaders used their expertise to show us the best Yosemite features without any of the hassle of logistics. It was a most memorable experience!


A tour with Road Scholar is the best way to travel. We had excellent tour leaders, Shelia Toner and David Lukas. They were great, very knowledgeable and informative. David the bus driver got us to places even though Yosemite was packed with vehicles. The 200% snowfall was a benefit for the beautiful waterfalls, rivers and creeks. To top it off we had a room with Yosemite Falls close by. It was awesome!


The program at Yosemite was brilliant. The leaders, Mary Jackson and David Lukas were a superb team and added enormously to the experience. Mary as the group leader gave new meaning to efficiency and expertise in making sure that every detail ran smoothly. David, as naturalist, was truly superb in his knowledge, accessibility, willingness to entertain all manner of questions and comments and to do so in a very welcoming, engaging, and inclusive way. I will tell everyone I know about this experience and encourage them to participate in Road Scholar activities. A big shout out to bus driver David, too, who was the essence of kindness, knowledge and a terrific driver. Jim Killacky, Greensboro.


Program was exactly as stated for activity level, meals, lodging and general information. We were the oldest on this trip but had a totally wonderful time. Highly recommend for any age.


This trip was AMAZING. Our group leader Mary was so geniune and personable. Our instructor David was youthful, exuberant and knowledgeable. What a WONDERFUL experience. Thanks Road Scholar.

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