Independent Warsaw and Krakow: Capitals Past and Present
Experience the wonders of Poland as you stroll cobbled paths and enjoy the country’s rich social and cultural history, discovering a trove of museums, monuments and cafes at every turn.
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Folks come to Poland experiance a Road scholar moment, Great
This trip offered just what I wanted: to see Poland's two most important cities, to have hotels for lodging, to have highly competent guides, and to allow me the freedom to see what I was most interested in during the rest of the day and the evening. Our guides and speakers were excellent, the train between Warsaw and Krakow was efficient, and the hotels were very good to excellent.
This program is perfect for the independent traveler: breakfast with group, morning chat with tour guide, 1 hr lecture, then on your own for the rest of the day. Both tour guides impressed me with their expertise and 1st hand knowledge of the cities they live in. They demonstrated patience with answering hundreds of questions for everyone on the tour, and made us feel like family by providing us with bus tickets and restaurant recommendations. The morning lectures were illuminating, given by academics from the universities, providing us with in-depth information on the history, art, culture and present-day situations in Poland. The expert-led tours of both Warsaw and Krakow were most comprehensive, enabling us to feel more comfortable in exploring the cities on our own during free time. I highly recommend arriving in Warsaw a few days before the tour starts, and staying a few days after the tour ends in Krakow.
For anyone interested in European history, this tour is at its heart. Besides, Krakow and Warsaw are two of Europe's most beautiful cities.

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