Signature City Cleveland: Renaissance and Rock & Roll
Learn about the renaissance of this Rust Belt city as you discover iconic theaters, gardens and museums, including the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, with insight from local experts.
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Cleveland has become a vibrant, enthralling city. After I left Ohio 50 years ago I never thought I'd pay for a tour of Cleveland, but friends convinced me to try this Road Scholar tour. I am SO happy I did. How exciting to find this previously ailing city save its heritage, revitalize itself and become the gem it is now!


If you thought of Cleveland as a "rust bucket" city, think again: it's on the way back and has a number of attractions and great cultural institutions to commend it...plus a lot of "character." This program was superb in covering all the major bases; the long-time program leader (Karen Wine) was exceedingly knowledgeable, able, and amiable; and the hotel accommodations (the Drury) were excellent and well located downtown. The program simply could not be better.


My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this tour. Cleveland is a midsize midwestern city that has revitalized itself. It is a city with a lot to offer. We thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Cleveland Museum of Art, Severance Hall, the Botanical Gardens and Playhouse Square. Our guide Karen was excellent and we were with a lovely group of people.


Cleveland was a refreshing surprise for me and clearly revealed its efforts to reinvent itself. If you enjoy older industrial rust belt urban areas and see how they successfully move into the future, consider THIS Signature City visit to Cleveland! I am glad I went!


I wanted to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and found out that Cleveland has a lot of positive places, and a great variety of restaurants.


First time touring with Road Scholar and I couldn’t be more pleased.


While on the whole, my husband and I really enjoyed the trip and our leader was generally good; but, there was two areas of concern I would like to address. Firstly, on the last day, Leader, Karen Wine, took us to her own church on the way to seeing summer mansions built in the early 1900's on the Erie lake area. While I have no problem with her church, their teaching and doctrine; I was expecting to see the architecture of the antique mansions which was much more in keeping with the theme of "Cleveland, Renaissance in the Rust Belt". We had just visited a Russian Orthodox Church with spectacular history, and beautiful architecture, with early ties to the community (also ties to a movie that was filmed there) which was surely in keeping with the theme. Another visit to a church with long speeches about doctrine, etc. (which was not on the pamphlet I received in the mail of the Day to Day Itinerary before we left - she must have changed it after we arrived); just made me think she had her own agenda after. After the visit to her church; she announced on the bus that, because it took so long in her church, they had to cut short our trip to the summer mansions because we had dinner reservations. Secondly, after we finished dinner that night, she put everyone on the spot by announcing that we would go around the room and everyone should say what they liked and didn't like about the trip. By the way, I have taken seven trips with Road Scholar and with the first five, I received and e-mail requesting a Review waiting for me when I got home. It's been ten days and I've received no such e-mail (I've checked SPAM file also). This is the case with the last two trips.


Prepare to be amazed at the rebirth of Cleveland. We were astounded by what we found here and the ethos of the city that gives us a world class orchestra, theater district, innovative health care, major league sports, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, great restaurants and accessible neighborhoods. It's a walkable city and made even more so by safe, inexpensive light rail and transit.


Excellent program, will totally change your perception of Cleveland. The title of the program says it all, Renaissance in the rust Belt. Group leader Karen Wine was outstanding, she was enthusiastic, well organized and always showed care and concern for everyone in the group. Some of the days were tiring and I might not have been as interested in some aspects as others in the group, but overall I would only have made some minor changes to decrease time in some areas to be able to add time for another museum. You could easily do a 7 day program in Cleveland. And there is also much to do outside of the downtown area. Perhaps Road Scholar could consider an On the Road program that would add time in Akron, Cuyahoga National Park and around the lake.


Coming from another Rust Belt city, Detroit, I was anxious to witness their progress. Wow! What a city! Their cultural attractions are in one area. Their theatre district is in another area. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is near the waterfront. All these places accessible by public transportation. I was impressed. I will be going to Cleveland again!


This tour of Cleveland is an eye opener, I had a neutral opinion of Cleveland before, and now I sing the praises of this city. There is a lot of walking and most transportation is on public buses.


This trip was fantastic! Every day there were a number to wonderful things we visited. The Cleveland Clinic, the Art Museum, the Botanical Garden, Severance Hall, Playhouse Square and much more. This is an up and coming city well worth a visit. Accommodations, food, and transportation were all exceptional. Take this trip and find out that this is a city in which you might want to live. Our guide, Karen, also shared her love of this city with us and her enthusiasm was contagious. My friend and I really enjoyed it.


Website is very user friendly.


This is a great program for learning enough about Cleveland that you can revisit the city on your own and get around using public transportation. You will see a lot of the attractions that might bring you back to the city on this program. The program is not overly strenuous, but you will need to be in good walking shape. You will not need to do high speed walking. The program is not appropriate for anyone who needs a walker or wheel chair to get around. The Drury Plaza hotel is superb, with excellent complimentary breakfast and light supper offerings, and a first class complimentary happy hour with wine, beer, and cocktails. Unfortunately, our program schedule often took us away from happy hour, and we were not able to fully enjoy this perk offered by our hotel. Perhaps the early evening program schedule can be adjusted a bit in the future.


Cleveland is so much more than the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Though that attraction and how Cleveland fits into the history of Rock n Roll is interesting, there is so much more to learn about what one down and out midwestern city has and is contributing to America. It's worth visiting to find out.


Cleveland is an amazing city. I was very impressed with how that fact was presented.

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