New England's Gem: Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park
Get to know Mt. Desert Island and Acadia National Park as you learn about the East Coast’s only fjord, explore a compound area of the Rockefellers and enjoy a lobster feast.
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This was my first first trip with Road Scholar- was deeply disappointed. Family members recommended RS after taking at least 12 trips. I was told that the RS food was always “very good” and the experiences enjoyable. Wish I could say that about my trip. With the exception of our first night’s dinner, the restaurants where we ate were strictly average, not memorable at all. For the actual programs, our group had to sit through a number of long and dull lectures. During the granite-cutting lecture, I saw at least 4 people fall asleep during the granite-cutting lecture and 2 of us walked out completely, due to BOREDOM. Allowing a man to lecture for more than 2 hours about granite-cutting is entirely too much! And the lecturer was so oblivious that he didn’t notice that ¼ of his audience was absent, either physically or mentally. On the other hand, far from being given a too much time inside ANP, we were allotted only 15-25 minutes to walk around places like Thunder Hole and the top of Cadillac Mountain. That’s a poorly-balanced program, in my opinion. On the other hand, I did enjoy the company of my fellow travelers, spending time inside Acadia National Park, Glenn Tucker’s lectures, and the boat ride to Little Cranberry Island. Overall, though, I’d need to think long and hard before planning another trip with Road Scholar.


Lovely fall colors, excellent accommodations and energetic/ experienced staff. Even rain did not detract from our group's enjoyment of Bar Harbor. It charmed me!


This trip was well organized and executed. The scenery was spectacular and we gained lots of knowledge about the area's history, flora and fauna, and we even lucked into some great weather. The autumn colors were beautiful and certainly added to our enjoyment.


Wow. What an interesting and fun week exploring Mount Desert Island and Bar Harbor. Great walks in the woods and interesting lectures. Be sure to check into the weather and pack accordingly so that you can enjoy the great outdoors in this beautiful part of the world. We are looking forward to more trips with Road Scholars.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

We didn't know what to expect of Acadia National Park. It's maritime history and meandering property set it apart from other parks. The program included lectures on the geology and history of Acadia, the birds to be seen, and several field trips to various spots of the island. Accommodations were adequate and located close enough to allow walking to the center of Bar Harbor if one desired. There wasn't much time allowed for doing this on one's own, however. The leadership team was well prepared, speakers were interesting, and the program was much enjoyed. MBH & KDH, Alabama


The Bar Harbor tour was very educational. We saw a large part of the varied island landscape. The boat excursion to Little Cranberry Island was my favorite excursion.


Enjoyed this program so much. We stayed busy and on the go every day. Saw a lot of beautiful areas of Maine and learned a lot. So glad we took this trip.


We really enjoyed this trip, which was our 2nd Road Scholar experience. I'm happy to say there will be more! We learned much about Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park, as well as the local Native American culture, lobsters, granite stone-cutting, and many historical aspects of the island and park. Guiding us every step of the way was Linda Shingleton, who was definitely fulfilling her calling in her role as our tour coordinator. In summary, this short 4 day program could not have been any better - the weather was perfect, the fall colors were at their peak, the food and accommodations were great, and the people were wonderful! A perfect way to celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary!


Thoroughly enjoyed the Acadia NP New England Gem program. Leaders wonderful, friendly & accommodating. Food exceptional with great daily buffet breakfasts, choice of lunches daily and great variety for dinners including lobster! Accommodations clean and located well. Wonderful and informative tours and lectures. I would highly recommend this trip. Walking just right per program guide.


The website is attractive and informative


As a senior citizen who enjoys nature and hiking but must limit length of walks, New England's Gem was very enjoyable. Short walks combined with talks on the history of Arcadia National Park region were well done. Great to leave the driving to Bob and the coordination to Glenn and Linda.


The program exceeded my expectations. I knew there would be alot to learn, but I came away with more than just knowledge, I have a new found appreciation and respect for this planet. This experience will stay with me forever. Acadia National Park is a true Gem!


This was my first Road Scholar trip. I went on the New England's Gem: Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park trip. It was a fabulous experience! I learned so much about the people and places of this beautiful area. I met many different and interesting people as we traveled around. It was well worth the trip. I will definitely go on another Road Scholar trip!


Acadia National Park is stunningly beautiful and I experienced it fully because Road Scholar took me there! The education and outdoor activities are well-balanced. I'll probably be going on another Road Scholar trip next year.


The Road Scholar program is the way to take a vacation while learning, having fun, making new acquaintances and enjoying the sites


We've never be disappointed in a Road Scholar program, and this was not an exception. Beautiful site and highly recommend this program


The evaluation should have the ability to go back and review/edit the responses before submitting since there's no way of knowing what is going to be asked on the next page(s).


Many participants in our group had rented a car which if I had a choice to do I probably would have done if a car rental aspect was presented with more info. It would have been nice after the walks for getting around instead of walking some more from lodging to downtown or other areas.


I have attended 5 programs with RS. This program was outstanding! The group had good weather during the program, and Maine was beautiful! Bill Langlois, our Group Leader was outstanding. He was a walking history book on Maine. The activity level on the program was accurate, and the hotel was clean, comfortable, and was very close to Acadia. Bill took us to special sites that were not on our itinerary. I rate this program a top score!


A well designed program to introduce newcomers to Acadia N.P. and Mt. Desert Island and neighboring areas.


Great educational experience with amazing sights and scenes of nature thrown in to amaze and tantalize the eye. Program is well organized and our guide, Bill did a great job in leading the group. Bill shared his knowledgable in a friendly, fun and informative way. I came away feeling that I had learned a great deal, and that is why I choose the Road Scholar programs. This one satisfied that desire to come away feeling I had grown. Maine is beautiful.


This was a wonderful trip. You really got to see and experience Arcadia National Park in great detail. Lots of walking but very doable. Great mix of activities. Highly recommend this trip, awesome!!!!!!

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