Washington D.C.
Spies, Lies & Intelligence: The World of International Espionage
Discover a world of espionage and learn about spy history and 21st-century intelligence threats as you explore the nation’s capital and its museums with intelligence experts.
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"Lies, Spies, and Intelligence" is a five-star event. It offers much as a take away for future thought.


well organized and interesting trip. Near perfect location, convenient to everything. Strongly recommended.


First Road Scholar trip. I was curious to see how it would go as a "solo". There were many solos and everyone was very friendly. Will definitely take more trips! Interesting topic - as described. Learned alot I didn't know before.


Fascinating program with excellent speakers and a wonderful leader. Accommodations and transportation were very nice and as always, enjoyed meeting other participants with similar interests.


Fascinating topic. I could have listened to the presenters for more days! If there is ever a followup, I am signing up!


Outstanding, deeply informed and entertaining speakers! Enjoyable, enriching and informative experiences!


My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the program and if a similar one should become available I am sure that we would go.


Enjoyed the program very much. I will definitely take more Road Scholar tours.


Great program if you are interested in attending a unique program located in Washington DC.


The program focused on what comprises the U.S. intelligence agencies and how they work. Speakers all had impressive credentials; some were more dynamic presenters than others, but all knowledgeable. I especially enjoyed Robert Wallace, the cyber-security presentation, and the speaker at the NSA who both shared excellent content and delivered it vibrantly. With the exception of the cyber presentation, speakers focused primarily on cold war-era information and there was some repetition of information across speakers. The hotel was comfortable and centrally located. Food was adequate; I understand the need for a limited menu for a group. It would have been nice if the dining room weren’t so loud; it was difficult to have conversations, so that limited our interactions with others in the group. Having speakers on site was convenient. Though we did fit, it would have been more comfortable to have a slightly more spacious room for presentations. I found all three museums fascinating. I was glad we had docents at the Cryptologic Museum. I got much more out of that tour than I would have just seeing the exhibits on my own. I think I would have preferred to swap the days for the International Spy Museum and the Newseum, i.e., given us more time at the Newseum, the larger museum since there was so much more there to see. Granted, we had time to see the FBI exhibit there, but I was interested in more than just the focus of this program.


I was hoping speakers would address current espioage situation we are now experiencing re FBI culture and how it has changed over time for better or worse. Not so much ancient history unless it applies today.


If you are interested in knowing more about Foreign Espionage, this is the program for you. The speakers are genuine, the museums visited are exceptional, and Washington D.C. is the place to be!


If you have ever wanted to know more about the Intelligence agencies of our country this is an excellent program


Just returned from a wonderful experience. The lecturers were so interesting. Gave me a new appreciation for the intelligence community in America and what they do.


My husband and I really enjoyed this experience. The speakers were personable and informative. The leader was well organized and took time to talk with everyone. The field trips were well organized and planned for maximum enjoyment. There was enough personal time to enjoy other sights not included on our itinerary. Another enjoyable and educational experience with Road Scholar.


I plan to take more of these trips because they offer education I don't know how to find elsewhere.


Superb program. Washington, D.C. is full of other possibilities. Some of us discussed the possibility of a program focused upon George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Our tour leader would be excellent for such a program and I would suggest that you contact him for his ideas of how best to proceed in planning this. It could quickly become a favorite and popular offering.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

The museums were excellent, but the Code Museum needed more places to sit. The speakers at the museums were great. Our guide was great,the bus was great, the hotel was great, the food was OK. The speakers however should retire from speaking. Although their subject matter was very interesting, their delivery sorely needed work. I found myself being lulled to sleep as I saw many others. The retired intelligence people were having difficulties remembering their facts, going off on tangents. Maybe keeping notes in front of them would help them stay on task and remember the facts. Also they should bring their own equipment so there are no technical failures.


Great program, with incite and understanding.


I learned a lot about the world of espionage from a select group of experts who shared their exciting life experiences. The accomodations were top notch, the lectures thought provoking, the group leader was both friendly and seamlessly efficient. I would recommend this program to anyone who loves real life intrigue and mystery. I'd say more, but I don't want to give away any secrets.


The program featured a cadre of experienced and talented professionals. The speakers, the hotel and the events were truly first rate.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

This was a great program! We loved the Group Leader, Leonardo Williams, the speakers had amazing backgrounds and information, and the "field trips" in and around Washington D.C. were top notch. The speakers added so much to our experience - thank you to all of them, and to Leonardo, who made everything run so smoothly! The hotel we stayed at, the Hamilton Crowne Plaza, was a lovely hotel and centrally located with a Starbuck's downstairs that gave a 25% discount for hotel guests! (Yes, we're coffee drinkers. And though we drank the coffee from the Keurig in our room, we loved having Starbuck's downstairs. And there's a place across the street that has wonderful Italian coffee [think cappuccino] and crepes.) Oh, and most of the meals were at the hotel those were wonderful. Though the speed of service in the hotel restaurant at dinner sometimes left something to be desired, the food was worth waiting for and Leonardo, the group leader, easily adjusted our schedule so it was nothing to stress over and there was no sense of disorganization. All in all, this is a trip we would HIGHLY recommend. Something we wish we had thought about in advance: a trip scheduled the week before or the week after Easter often/usually has a HUGE number of families or school children visiting the wonderful FREE Smithsonian museums (and other sights) during their spring vacations, and therefore is likely to be much more crowded than usual [think Disneyland].


If you're at all interested in intrigue, mystery & spying, you'll love this program.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

The trip was wonderful. All of the speakers were knowledgeable and fascinating. Our tour leader did an outstanding job in organizing and presenting information. The hotel and staff were hospitable and the food was delicious. I learned so much on this trip and enjoyed it thoroughly. A note--I had attempted to complete the original request for review, had it entirely complete, but the system would not take it. I am sorry; I certainly had nothing but positive commentary. This was, by far, my favorite Road Scholar trip.


Great tour. Old timers from CIA and NSA were presenters and had "tales to tell." Hotel was in a great location and rooms were very nice. Highly recommended.

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