Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia: Baltic Road to Independence
Learn the complex story of the Baltics and their road to independence as you spend time with local experts, discovering what these countries share as well as what makes each unique.
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I knew very little about the Baltics and was happy to fill in the blanks in my awareness. Learning of their courageous resistance to the USSR was uplifting, and the cities were charming. Hospitality is a strong suit.


See Lithuania!! Way off many people's charts!


Interesting program about a part of the world that is unfamiliar to most Americans. History, architecture, music and a chance to learn about countries that have rebuilt after years of Russian and German occupation. Our meeting with Latvian students at a gymnasium(high school) and an evening at the home of an English teacher and her family in Lithuania gave us a chance to interact with local residents. A good introduction to the Baltic Countries and their fascinating history.


This program covers the 3 Baltic countries, both geographically, historically, and today's situation. It is well planned with great lectures.


The trip through Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania was extremely interesting and educational. I learned a great deal about the difficult history of occupation in these 3 countries and their development as democracies (each having had a female president!) The lectures by university professors in each country were excellent. I was impressed with the quality of the museums,the renovations of the buildings, vitality of the cities. Watch "The Singing Revolution" (available at the local library) to inspire you to take this trip. You will read the newspaper differently after visiting this corner of the world.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

Our group was very fortunate to have Irena Januskeviciute as our Group Leader. Irena was very pleasant, well organized and helpful to the varying requirements of the group members. While we frequently had rain during our group outings, the June weather was only a mild inconvenience for most of the trip. The excursions were well-planned and informative with only some minor slow-downs to accommodate the less mobile group members. Our Tallinn Local Guide, Allys, was an exceptionally well-informed, pleasant person with a fine sense of humor and wit. Road Scholar is fortunate to have found Irena and Allys to work with travel groups. The meals were generally good and all but one of the hotels were nice. The Navalis Hotel in Klaipeda was a building that should be scheduled for additional renovation and upgrade. The staff at the Navalis were pleasant and helpful and it was primarily disappointing as a building that had mechanical/plumbing/ventilation (?) noises that made sleeping difficult. The contact with local families in Vilnius was a much more enjoyable experience than I had anticipated it being. It seemed clear that Irena had worked to find interesting people who were willing to give group members some extraordinary opportunities for insights that would not be available in most foreign visiting situations. The lectures were interesting and informative. Professors Naciscione and Muktupavels in Riga were particularly good at presenting the levels of detail and content that would appeal to a group such as ours. All said, this was a good visit to an area that has long been of interest and provided an excellent overview for future visits with a more narrow focus.


It is okay.


I have asked for a special form to evaluate this program, but so far I have not received it.


Excellent and informative trip. The tour leader was superb and the particular needs of group members both program and dietary were well cared for. I appreciated the group leader taking care of the tips for local guides; that had been a continuing annoyance on trips with other services.

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