Washington D.C.

The Capital’s Classics: Hotspots of D.C. With Your Grandchild

Learn who George Washington really was and find out what spies really do, as you explore the curiosities of our capital with your grandchild. Visit Mount Vernon, a spy museum and more!
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This was an outstanding experience for my granddaughter and me. We learned a lot, had tons of fun, and created lasting memories. It was perfectly suited for 11-13 year olds and their grandparents.


The Grandparents trip we took with our grandson to Washington D.C. was an excellent, once-in-a-lifetime experience for us. In addition to seeing and learning so much about our history and development as a nation, seeing how government works, and viewing art and historic artifacts, we were grateful for the inclusion of new museums in D.C. area, too (Intl. SPY Museum and Newseum). So great to see so much with a beloved kid in our lives. Thank you!


The Road's Scholar Washington DC Grandparent/Grandchild exceeded our expectations. It was well planned, executed and led by very knowledgeable leaders. The listening devices that were used made the experience even better as we could walk, and gain interesting, valuable information at each stop!


This was an invigorating and rich introduction to many of the key sites in our nation's capital. The guides were well-informed, resourceful, and unfailingly kind, to grandparents and kids alike. I feel very lucky to have had this chance to get to know my grandson in an exhilarating new way.


This program was a great way to both learn about our nations capitol and to experience our grandchild one on one.


If you're considering a DC trip with your grandchild, you won't be able to plan a better trip than the Road Scholar trip. A bonus for our grandson was the fun he had with other kids his age. Even though he's shy, by the middle of the first day, he was choosing to sit with friends at meals. Road Scholar took care of all the logistics--we just enjoyed!


We highly recommend this program. We were able to see and learn more about many more sights than my husband and I could have possibly provided for our grandchildren. The educators in our program were tuned in to children this age and narrated tours with facts and "fun facts". Meeting and befriending children from other states was an additional highlight for our grandchildren. We loved our tour and think you will, too!


We just completed a Road Scholar program to Washington, DC with our 12 and 13 year old grandchildren. It was a wonderful experience in so many ways. The group leaders were exceptional. The children learned a great deal about our nation's capitol and they made new friends in the process. I highly recommend Road Scholar.


Great program but very strenuous.


An excellent, fun, educational program for kids and grandparents. I overheard more than one child say that they didn’t want to go home, and wished the program could go on.


This is a great program whether it's your first time to D.C. or you have been there many times before. I loved seeing the city through my grandson's eyes, and he hasn't stopped talking about it since we left. Anna Patton and Gary Regan are wonderful storytellers, sources of information and guides. I will certainly use Road Scholar again when I travel with my grandkids.


Excellet program for 11--12 year olds! At a pace for grandparents also!


This program is excellent for the grand children to learn facts about American History and our government and how it is supposed to work. The museums (especially the Newseum) were fantastic. The pool at the Hotel was very popular with the kids. If you want a great time with your grand kids, sign up for this program. You will create a memory for your grandchild as well as yourself.


My grandson and I will remember this trip forever.


Don't miss the opportunity to spend quality time with your grandchild on this wonderful, history filled trip. It was so fun to see everything through the young person's eyes.


This was an excellent program. We visited many of the major sites in DC. Each day was full. The Program Guide was excellent. She worked especially well with the grandchildren. The food was above average. The hotel was nice, and adequate.


Take your grandchildren to D.C. with Road Scholar! It was an excellent experience, and we all learned more about our nation's capital. Our tour guides were well prepared, friendly, and interesting. 5 stars!


It was a wonderful trip and we are making a scrapbook to better remember the experience.

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