Channel Islands National Park: Anacapa and Santa Cruz Islands

Explore the pristine ecology of Channel Islands National Park, discovering a wealth of unique flora, fauna and geology as you learn the islands’ story from local naturalists.
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The Channel Islands are the best kept secret. This was an outstanding program and trip. I would highly recommend it. I would personally like to return and volunteer on one of the islands.


Wonderful views, bracing air, native plants and animals and islands! What could be more delightful? A mega pod of dolphins and gray whales spouting added in.


If you have never heard of the Channel Islands National Park, take this opportunity to have a unique experience and see a non-developed part of California.


Excellent trip, intelligent instructors, incredible sites and marine animals. I highly recommend it.


Take a couple of boat rides to two of the islands, see lots of dolphins and perhaps a whale. and relax at your seaside hotel.


Great chance to explore remote but historically and naturally significant islands off the coast of central California, along with their local land and marine animal and plant life. The physical challenges vary and are adjusted to allow participation by participants with differing levels of physical fitness without diminishing value or enjoyment of the physical beauty of the terrain.


It was allot chillier than we expected, and we were disappointed we didn't get to other parts of the various islands, but given the circumstances it was over all a very good trip.


Very interesting and educational program. Well organized and informative lectures and hikes. The lecturers had a vast wealth of information to share. I learned many new things that have changed my perspective on saving our earth's native plants and animals.


Stop sending catalogs through the U.S. mail. It is a terrible waste of paper. When I want to plan a trip, I will go to your websit.


Friendly, informative, well taken care for a program that educates.


The Road Scholar Program to Channel Island National Park was fantastic for me. Our professional speakers taught us so much before we even went to the Islands. We went to the Visitors Center, visited an Archaeological museum,watched videos, heard from naturalists and a National Park Service archeologist. We really understood the history and what to think about and look for when we went to the Channel Islands.


Excellent program! The Channel Islands are beautiful and this program is a perfect way to see and learn about them.


As my first Road Scholar trip, the Channel Islands National Park Trip provided a balance of excellent lectures and physical activity. While severe weather can alter plans, the beauty of the park and the marine sanctuary around the islands was stunning. I gained new knowledge, new friends, new experiences, and new insights. It was great for solo travelers, too!


The group leader and all the instructors were outstanding. The Channel Island National Park and Ventura are really "Hidden Gems." It was a pleasure to travel with all the other participants.


This is an interesting program full of information about the cultural and biological history of the central California coast. I particularly enjoyed being able to visit one of our most unique National Parks.


Road Scholar provides a wonderful way to continue to learn about our beautiful world, to challenge ourselves physically and mentally, and to meet new, interesting people. I highly recommend the Road Scholar experience.


This is an interesting trip with lots of variety. We even had a good hike one afternoon, would have enjoyed a little more challenging hikes along the way but overall we did get a lot of walking in.


This was a great learning experience - preparation beforehand so we knew what we were seeing, wonderful guides and instructors, great accommodations. I can't imagine doing this trip on my own. I would never have learned so much and had so much fun.


Expert leaders took us on an unbelievable experience to an island rookery to view gulls and chicks on Anacapa. Santa Cruz Island provided beautiful views on our hike and on our boat ride home we had an opportunity of a life time. The boat was surrounded by hundreds of dolphins and sightings of blue whales spouting and diving arching and showing their tails. All this and so much more on our trip to the Channel Islands.


We just returned from this fabulous adventure. While the planned events were exciting and rewarding in themselves, on the boat trip back from the islands, we were treated to an unexpected dolphin feeding frenzy with a couple of whales thrown in for an extra treat. What a sight! And the naturalist on the boat explained everything that we had the good fortune to witness. Road Scholar is prepared even for the unexpected.


Outstanding program, very unusual place with unique animals and adaptation of wildlife to islands. Outside your experience level, highly informative talks. Be sure to take Dramamine (2 tabs) before the 1-hour channel crossing boat ride, the seas can be rough and many got queasy. Ladder to get off and on the boat is tricky but the boat staff helps you find each step.

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