Russian River Voyages Between Moscow and St. Petersburg
Explore the many wonders of Russia as you journey its waterways with experts, exploring St. Petersburg, ancient villages, the wooden churches of Kizhi and the grandeur of Moscow.
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The things you think you know about Russia, may not be true. This is a fabulous trip! Our guide, Violeta, was a wealth of knowledge with a passion for Russian history, architecture and art. My image of Moscow now is entirely different from the image I held prior to this program. Be prepared to walk a lot in the cities, and have a more leisurely experience on the riverboat. Some days we walked more than 5 miles in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Enjoy!


What a great way to cut through the noise of the news media and learn directly from people who are living through events every day. I found many of my views broadened at least and sometimes changed completely. Everyone should experience this kind of direct learning.


Found the cities of St. Petersburg and Moscow most interesting. The boat portion was rather long and not that much to see. The weather was cool and wet, so that did not help. The guide Violetia was very good. Food, in general, was better that expected for Russia.


Russian River Voyages between Moscow and St. Petersburg was an excellent program and highly recommended. Accommodations and meals were excellent. The educational program was of very high quality and was greatly enhanced by our Group Leader and guide, Violeta Alexeyeva. A great opportunity to see 2 wonderful Russian cities and to learn about Russian history, culture and the arts.


First trip with RS ........ thoroughly enjoyed this venture and the tour guides were so informative ..... hats off to "Snow" & Violeta!!! They both are excellent group leaders. Both hotels are in a great area for free time on your own; but maps, etc in English would be a great hand-out!! Flight itinerary at Frankfurt airport to Pulkovo could be explained more in detail - bus & then walking to next arrival/departure gate; if we hadn't been picked up by a small vehicle might have missed next flight!!; going thru security again; long waits, etc & then back to departure gate via train ........ just a little much info not relayed to us. Great assistance @ hotel check in & to room assignment to an adjoining hotel bldg!! Last group to check in; so very exhausted to get the clear info on trip after dinner; almost 10 pm St. Petersburg time! -(left Logan on 8/1 - 10:10pm) It's a beautiful country to visit & the Rostropovich crew & staff should also be complimented!! Now just have friends, relatives awaiting their post cards????? Sent them but none have arrived in USA yet ........ just wondering where they are????? S.W.Kirby


The St. Petersburg to Moscow trip is a wonderful way to see a most interesting part of Russia including monuments, great art museums, and to get in touch with the people of Russia.


Trip was fantastic, saw so many wonderful places and things. The guides were terrific, especially Violeta. I want to go back. Only thing not so great was the food; it was very rich and somewhat inconsistent but otherwise an amazing experience, highly recommend.


If you've ever wanted to visit Russia, do it! This trip showed me a different and very positive side of Russia. As you will read many times, Violeta is absolutely the best guide. You will also read about the strenuous walking and uneven streets. The walking wouldn't be strenuous if the streets were flat and there were no steps. Take walking sticks! Practice walking on uneven spaces while gazing at something beautiful. This was not a budget trip but it was worth every penny!


I have never traveled with Road Scholar before, but I certainly will again. I was most impressed with our guide...one of the most intelligent persons I have ever met. She knew so much about the history and art and was delighted to share it with us. The accommodations were superb, the amount of free time perfect. I could go on and on but want to mention one more thing...I loved the fact tips were included, more than I thought I would!!


This trip is informative, energizing and fun! Russia has been in the headlines and this trip gives you an opportunity to meet the people, learn about their history, enjoy their art and music and visit two of their great cities.


This trip is strenuous - more than the stated 2 miles and three flights of 10 stairs - but definitely worth it. I wish we had not missed three of the ship ports, but those things happen when one travels.


This trip was very educational. I learned so much about St Petersburg and Moscow from our guide who was incredibly knowledgeable about both cities. Personally, I have never seen as beautiful and magnificent churches, museums and cathedrals as I saw on this trip. To see pictures of the "onion turrets" in the Kremlin is nothing compared to seeing them in person. I am tempted to do the same trip again in a few years.


Great way to see Russia.


An excellent and informative trip through Russian history from the founding of St. Petersburg, WW II to the present time. The river voyage was very comfortable and enjoyable.


This trip is a wonderful introduction to Russia. The trip leader, Violeta, is amazingly knowledgeable and helpful. Russia is a fascinating country. My preconceptions of Russia were totally shattered. I wholeheartedly recommend this trip to all!


Terrific trip which gave you a taste of Russia! The trip gives you a composite of European influence, Byzantine influence and Cold War architecture which all helps in the understanding of the culture of the country, Our guide, Violeta, made the trip so interesting through her vast knowledge of history, art, music and architecture. Her enthusiasm was incredible and you could tell her love for her job and her country!


Participants in this program should be aware they are expected to walk for up to 3 miles in a day, climb lots of stairways without the aid of a railing, and to remain on their feet for 3-4 hours daily, and at times even exceeding that.


This is an excellent program -- one of the best out of 18 Road Scholar trips I have participated in

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