Choose Your Pace: Hiking Yosemite Up Close and Personal
Hike at the pace you choose each day and see authentic Yosemite with experts. Discover giant sequoias and glacially-carved valleys and learn the story of this national treasure.
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Yosemite is such a beautiful place. The weather was great and the hikes were fabulous. Loved having a choice between moderate and challenging hikes and having someone else take care of the logistics. The food at the conference center was amazing, much better than I expected. Only downside is that Yosemite is so big there’s a lot of van time riding to get to and from hiking locations.


This trip was wonderful!! The scenery was gorgeous. The instructors were fascinating.The Conference Center where we stayed was in a beautiful setting with a pond, ducks and geese. I loved it.


This is a lovely introduction to Yosemite valley with good hiking and nice accommodations. There is a 1.5 hour bus ride to get to the valley, but one hour of that is getting from the park entrance to the valley, so unless you stayed in the valley, there will be travel time. The accommodations were very good, with food being an unexpected treat. Interesting and well prepared. The hikes were as described but I would comment on the section from Taft point to sentinel dome which was strenous for me because of altitude (7500 - 8200) and relentless uphill at start and for last mile and a half.


My trip to Yosemite accomplished what I had wanted for two years: to see Yosemite from more than an average visitor's perspective. I learned so much about the park and what is there. I was able to experience the peace, solitude, and beauty those earlier advocates of Yosemite, such as John Muir, wrote about. I loved that there was a choice of hikes each day.


I had a wonderful time in Yosemite during the autumn season! The hike descriptions in the materials were accurate. I found the hikes challenging, but rewarding. The ECCO facilities are modest, though the food was surprisingly good and the staff friendly. Only downside were the LONG drives into the park. Close to 2 hours each way to the valley floor. A bit shorter to Glacier Point. There aren't a lot of options available since lodging in the park is so limited.


This program was a great way to see Yosemite's treasures up close!


Thank you Road Scholar for yet another magnificent hiking week! You have NEVER let me down in the may programs I've attended.


Yosemite is a wonder and Road Scholar does it proud. Learning on the trails, seeing the iconic mountains and sharing this world with other fellow hikers is makes for a great week.


October was a wonderful time of the year to participate in this Yosemite Hiking Experience


"Hiking Yosemite, Up Close and Personal" was a wonderful way to explore, and learn about, the park. The guides were very helpful, knowledgeable and supportive. Two levels of hikes provided options, depending on how much of a challenge you preferred. The lodge was clean, comfortable and the food was wonderful and plentiful.


Wonderful hikes, knowledgeable instructors and delicious food. Well worth the money spent.


The 5-day hiking trip at Yosemite National Park was my first adventure with Road Scholar - but it won't be my last! If you're looking for a great value for the money, give them a try. You won't be disappointed!


This program is a great value for your money! Two hike options are offered most days and the ECCO facility is more than adequate. The program is well-organized and led by experts. This was our first Road Scholar program and I am already planning our next adventure!


Enchanting mountainous landscape, fairly-like giant sequoias, granite rocks of incredible formations, cascading white waterfalls, and breathtaking vistas!


I am part of a walking group that walks 4 miles 4-5 times a week in normal elevation. The hikers on this trip got to choose between challenging and moderately challenging hikes every day but the day to do what you wanted. This was good as there were younger hikers that could and wanted to do more and were able to do so with this choice. It was an awesome trip.


Yosemite is an awesome place to visit with Road Scholars. Highly recommend May timeframe for less crowds and lots of water... We saw falls that do not exist in mid summer! You may know about Ansel Adams and the geology of Yosemite, but until you experience the real thing, you can't fathom the beauty. And Road Scholars guides and evening sessions helped us learn about the beauty.


An awesome way to travel and learn. The instructors are informative and help you to learn as you travel. I met so many interesting people and this exceeded my expectations on what I thought it would be.


Great way to see and learn about Yosemite National Park while getting lots of fresh air and exercise.


Don't miss hiking in Yosemite, especially in the spring when the waterfalls are running at full speed and the wildflowers are in bloom. Optional hiking levels give an option between challenging and moderate, but both take some stamina because you are out for several hours at a time. The program is well categorized as moderately challenging, which made it very exciting but also doable on the moderate hikes.


April/May is a good time to see Yosemite. Lots of run off from snow and rain left the valley gushing with powerful waterfalls and swollen rivers. I liked the easy hikes that were close to streams and mirror lakes. Actually Mirror Lake was my favorite hike. We had blue skies and fluffy clouds. The hotel in the park is called Majestic but it has an Indian name which I cannot remember. Bring your camera. The Ecco lodge was good. It is well organized and mindful of people's needs. Buffet style food was plentiful and tasty.


If you want to stay in a lovely and tranquil setting, go on challenging hikes during the day, get to know Yosemite, and enjoy interesting programs in the evening, then this is the program for you! We loved every minute and highly recommend it. Our guides were passionate about sharing their love of this wonderful national park and the area.


This is a wonderful program! The hikes are challenging but so rewarding. The guides and group leaders are knowledgeable and personable. Evening presentations are very well done. Days are crammed full of activities. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!


As usual, Road Scholar trips are great learning experiences.


An enjoyable program. The availability of 2 hike choices was great. Some were away from the crowds of Yosemite and offered spectacular views.


Thoroughly enjoyed our hiking tour of Yosemite National Park and the giant Sequoias in Sierra National Forest. The hikes were well calibrated for our group and the naturalist (Shirley) was a wealth of knowledge and highly entertaining.


Excellent, naturalist led hikes through one of America's greatest National Parks. Massive sequoia trees, pounding waterfalls, outstanding scenery, and bears! Yosemite can be intimidating because of the crowds, but this is the way to really enjoy the park. The hikes are moderate to strenuous.

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