The Seine: D-Day Beaches to Paris
Gain a deeper understanding of the significant events of WWII, learning about the beaches of Normandy and historic sites of occupied Paris on expert-led excursions.
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This program has a lot of content, including D-Day invasion and impressionist artists who worked along the Seine. We also visited both American and German cemeteries in Normandy for an interesting contrast in perspective. And sites like Mount St. Michel and the Caen WW II museum are world treasures. A very worthwhile trip that will give me a lot to think about in the future.


Great program. We learned so much about D-Day. A very detailed visit to the Normandy area.


Having never gone on a group trip, my husband and I did not know what to expect before we left for Paris. We were more than pleased by the trip. It was educational, inspirational, and a total pleasure, due in large part to our outstanding tour guides, Ian Tucker and Olivier Horslaville. We are looking for another trip to take next year. Thanks again.


The trip was a good mix of WWII related experiences and other discoveries as well. As always, Road Scholar includes excursions that we probably wouldn't do on our own, e.g. attending mass at Wandrille Abbey. Our time on board the Seine Princess was an improvement over our trip up the Rhone a year and a half ago in that the state room configuration was better (beds placed horizontal to the entrance) and the WiFi was considerably improved. As usual, Croisi Europe delivered first rate service. Both of our tour leaders (Olivier and Ian) were personable and very knowledgeable, as expected, and the local subject matter experts did a great job. Particularly enjoyed the discourse on Paris during the German occupation. Would have appreciated a bit more 1:1 time with our tour leaders. When we did the Rhone trip, the tour leaders went out of their way to sit with us over meals --- resulting in some great conversation and additional learning (both ways). On this trip the guys kept more to themselves. All in all, a very satisfying experience. Encourages us to do more Road Scholar trips --- two of which are already in our travel plans.


Truly enjoyed the WWII history and the river boat and tours could not have been more enjoyable.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.



Very interesting tour of the Normandy beaches, without being rushed. Great experience. Better than all other tours we reviewed beforehand.


A very full trip - Olivier was a great leader, offering a knowledgable collection of information and insight. An outstanding collection of emotion, information, and camaraderie. The experience on the Seine Princess was outstanding! Great trip!


Truly the experience of a lifetime for us! History, scenery, river boating, excellent dining, Paris!, warm and interesting participants, led by highly skilled, knowledgeable, and polished guides and group leader. What's not to like, especially at fair prices!


This program covers a wide range of interests. My interest in D-day was covered exceptionally well while there was also time spent exploring the Normandy region of France (apple cider and cheese!). Then the boat trip up the Seine was remarkable including its coverage of medieval France and Impressionism. Some time in Paris rounded out the trip. I "totally" recommend this program if you would like a number of French experiences all in one package.


We selected this program because it had more days on the D-Day beaches than others we had read about. Our only concern was that there might be history buffs who would dominate the conversation but that was not true at all. Our 29 member group enjoyed and respected each other. We had an outstanding leader, Olivier, and interesting and informative expert guides who made the places we visited come alive. All of the fieldtrips contributed to the larger whole of understanding D-Day to the liberation of Paris. Now that we're back home, we plan to watch the D-Day documentaries from the library again since we have a deeper understanding of the events. The mostly delicious meals highlighted local foods such as Calvados over apple ice cream, galette crepes and real macrons. It was more than plentiful! The balance between staying at hotels and cruising on the river was great and the evening cruise around Paris was a terrific way to end our program.


This program exceeded my expectations in every way. So much history amid such spectacular scenery. Good people, good meals, good views, good walks and talks!


I served twice in our nation's military (Air Force and Navy). I would gladly recommend this particular program with any active duty servicemember and veteran.


Enjoyed this trip and it was very educational.


This is a spectacular trip, with a fabulous leader - I highly recommend this trip and Olivier Horslaville!


Great program, great leadership (Adrian Quist), outstanding in all respects!


Adrian Quist led an outstanding tour of the Normandy Beaches and Paris, with outstanding guides.


The Normandy Road Scholar trip was a fabulous experience for me with so many unexpected 'extras'far beyond my expectations. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in War history. The program is nicely balanced so the War component doesn't become too depressive.


This was our first Road Scholar trip and we were impressed with the quality of the educational program, our tour leader, Olivier, the accomodations and meals and lots more. It was a comfortable and unforgettable travel experience!


This was my first trip with Road Scholar. I have always wanted to visit the beaches at Normandy. This trip not only allowed me to visit, but with the guides and lecturers provide through Road Scholar, I learned so much history I did not know. The river cruise was a bonus. I plan to travel again and again with Road Scholar.

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