Rose Parade®: A Heritage to Celebrate
Celebrate New Year’s Day at the Rose Parade in Pasadena California, learning about the parade’s history, watching award-winning bands and helping decorate a signature Rose Parade float.
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This is probably the best way to experience the Tournament of Roses Parade and related activities, you get to "go behind the scenes".
The flowers, floats and float fabricators were so interesting and welcoming. Made several new friends I will stay in contact with and possibly travel with in the future!
This was my second time for a Rose Parade Road Scholar, but it won't be my last! I could've never had these wonderful experiences on my own such as helping to decorate a float. Our leader was John Callahan, and he's one of the best we've ever had. Despite the fact that this program was attended by several hundred people, everything was well organized and there was never any problem.
I loved my experience with the Rose Parade Heritage Program. It was interactive with float building, watching the parade, and then getting to see the completed floats up close and personal. I learned so much and enjoyed my hotel, group, and all of the activities. I highly recommend this trip.
If you've always wanted to go to the Rose Parade you'll be delighted with this program. I was also thrilled with the opportunity to help decorate some of the floats, and to view them up close and personal the day after the parade.
Mary Anna
Great program.There are hundreds of Road Scholars, but they are divided up into teams so you don't feel overwhelmed.It is amazingly well organized. Just pray that it doesn't rain on BandFest!
If you ever want to go to the Rose Parade, choose the Roadscholar program. You will have excellent speakers who know it from experiences on all aspects that go into the parade, excellent rooms, and transportation to all of the events instead of having to worry about the traffic which is especially bad on parade day. But also needed to get to the various venues. Everything is taken care of -food, tickets,travel to the events and you can just enjoy the event.
This program is definitely a bucket list fulfillment to the top. Will always look at the Rose Parade differently from now on. Great Fun
the rose parade program is wonderful. it gives you an appreciation for how much work goes into putting on the rose parade. as a single I found the group inclusive and didn't feel left out even when the ball dropped on "midnight" and new years was celebrated.
For anyone with an interest in the Tournament of Roses Parade, this is a "bucket list" experience. Working on floats, good seats for the Parade itself, and the Post Parade float viewing were all highlights. The speakers from various roles within the Parade and Tournament organization were very informative and interesting. I highly recommend this well organized and very insightful program. Staying at the downtown hotel cut down bus travel time and enabled walking to interesting sites such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Los Angeles Public Library.
This program is a once in a lifetime opportunity to understand and participate in the Rose Parade of Pasadena. Be prepared for a lot of structure and being bussed and having to get up at 4 AM. For men, be prepared to be controlled for 5 days. A great trip for the ladies however.
This is my first trip with Road Scholar and have to say it was well done. I truly enjoyed everything I learned about the Rose Parade. Looking forward doing another trip with Road Scholar in the future.
This reviewer did not give a star rating.
The Rose Parade floats in person are breathtaking! It is a very worthy experience to work on a float and then see it completed in all its extraordinary beauty!
I was amazed at the amount of effort that goes into this historic but once a year event. I have watched it on TV, enjoyed the bands and floats but had no idea how much goes on all year to make this such a wonderful event. Everybody who can, should try it out. You will be happy you did.
This trip was a once in a lifetime experience. I learned so much about the Rose Bowl Parade and its organization. I will never view the parade the same way again. Thank you for this program.
Wonderful, wonderful experience. Highly recommended. The large group of 450+ participants is divided into smaller groups of 35+ or so. Whoever previously posted that the trip was not good for singles is wrong. Of our group, over half were enrolled as single participants. Stayed at the Westin in downtown. The extra money was worth it as you spend less time on the bus as the location is closer to Pasadena. Also downtown is a vibrant location and a downtown tour was included. Even though LAX is closer to downtown, use Burbank airport if you can. This trip involves a lot of walking and standing. The float decoration day is amazing but it takes stamina to work for a 5 or 6 hour shift. Even if you get a seated job, the footing can be wet and slippery with plant material. The parade day involves walking several blocks, climbing up bleachers and sitting on a backless bleacher for 3 hours. The rows are very close and your knees will be touching the person in front. So don't do this is your gait is unsteady or you can't sit without getting up. The post parade day is fabulous but also involves a significant amount of walking for 3 hours. The whole package of pre-parade info and work, parade, and post-parade is a once in a lifetime experience and I will never look at the Rose Parade in the same way again.
This reviewer did not give a star rating.
This is a very busy program. I am so happy that I went because it was fun and delightful. I also appreciated learning how much this parade means to the area and their dedication. I must say that some of the speakers were okay: former Queen and Horse guy in particular. I loved the guy from the National Parks as well as the person who explained the judging. The J Paul Getty was fabulous. The hotel was okay as we did not have much time to kill. I do recommend this program.
This was my first Road Scholar trip. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I definitely felt that it was worth every penny paid, and then some.
I thoroughly enjoyed this program and thought it was well organized and carried out. The lectures and field trips prior to the Rose Parade greatly enhanced my enjoyment of it. The hotel provided excellent vegetarian food. It was a great trip overall and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in a Rose Parade experience.
The Rose Parade program was an absolute joy! Helping in the construction of several floats and then seeing them flowing through Pasadena on New Year's Day was the experience of a lifetime!!
my dream of working on a rose bowl float was realized and it was not disappointing, enjoyed it thoroughly and also other activities included.
This was a fun trip! Not only did I see the parade but also helped in decorating the La Canada float, and viewing the floats up close the day after the parade which was almost as good as seeing the actual parade. My group leaders, Jenny and Barb, were excellent and the trip was well organized. This was my first trip as a single traveler and I felt included and welcomed by other participants.
I would recommend this trip to anyone. I believe I saw the Rose Parade from three different perspectives and it was enlightening. Volunteers who believe in a cause can do wonders.
Viewing the Rose Parade was something I've desired for over 40 years. This program offered such an in-depth experience, educational presentations and field trips, it was outstanding beyond anything I had imagined. I am still "floating!"
This was the experience of a life time and something I will always remember. Everything was planned and coordinated perfectly. Beside seeing the parade in person, the highlight to me was viewing the floats up close to see all the details not seen from the bleacher seating.
My husband and myself had a wonderful time with the Rose Parade Road Scholar Program! What an opportunity to participate in the decorating of a float. People were so nice and helpful during the whole process. We also enjoyed seeing the Getty Center, going to Bandfest, and the lecture by Tommy Cairns. The Rose Parade was awesome. Fun, fun, and more fun!
This reviewer did not give a star rating.
We loved the entire program!!! We highly recommend this to all ages. I have a much more experienced and appreciative eye for the all who are paid and volunteer to put the Tournament of Roses Parade together. It's an amazing wonderful event and a great way to celebrate the New Year!!
This is an excellent program for couples, married, or best friends. I caution singles.
What a fabulous program. We help decorate floats and saw Bandfest, the Getty museum and the Rose Parade itself from reserved bleacher seats. The lecturers were very informative and provided insights from the perspective of an equestrian unit, a former Rose Queen, a retired National Park Service executive and the man who trains the judges of the Rose Parade floats. The food and hotel staff was wonderful and the bus transportation to/from the events removed all the potential stress of negotiating traffic. And my 360 Road Scholars members and Program Co-ordinators were a delight to be with and my wife and I made many new friends. Can't say enough positive things about it. It is easy to see why the program was filled 4 months in advance!
My Rose Parade Adventure through Road Scholar was wonderful. The program allowed me to fulfill all my "want-to-do's" relative to seeing the Rose Parade "live", participating in float decorating, and attending Post-Parade Float viewing.
Fabulous program. There is nothing like seeing the flowers you prepared on the finished float. This was a bucket list dream of mine and Road Scholar made it come wonderfully true. The program is well-organized, informative and fun.
This is a fabulous trip! Working on a float was life-long dream and was even more fun than I thought it would be. Seeing the parade in person can't be beat and having worked with the floats made me feel much more invested and interested in it. The various speakers also added to the richness and appreciation of the parade and the participants in it. Everything was well planned and thought out so that all I had to do was show up and be on time for events and leave the logistics to someone else. Everything from accommodations to meals to activities and events was first class.

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