Canyons, Geysers, Hot Springs: Yellowstone in Action
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At a Glance

Get inside Yellowstone National Park to experience the only essentially undisturbed geyser basins left in the world, with the greatest number of displays. In this stunning setting, investigate the volatility and inner workings of geysers such as Old Faithful, brilliant colors and intricate patterns of algae that ring hot springs and bubbling mud pots, and the hiss of steaming fumaroles.

Best of all, you'll ...

  • Background sessions on geology and the study of planet Earth set the stage for two full-day field trips into the park.
  • Learn about the park’s early history and how a succession of explorers, trappers and developers responded to its wonders.
  • Discover why Yellowstone is an important case study of human interaction with the environment.

General Notes

Lodging and activities at elevations of 6,666-7,800 feet.
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