Women’s-Only Hiking Trips

On these women’s hiking trips and retreats, experience the special atmosphere that only a hiking trip with women can create. Make new friends as you find encouragement and empowerment among a supportive group of women hikers.

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      4 Reasons to Try a Women’s-Only Hiking Trip

      1. You’ll be taken care of!
        On our women’s-only hiking retreats, we’ll take care of all the details, so you can just enjoy the great outdoors and focus on making new friends with a fascinating group of women.
        “My women’s-only hiking retreat was my first Road Scholar program, and it has convinced me to sign up for additional programs! I loved the challenge of hiking every day with wonderful women in a beautiful landscape. Our leaders took care of all the details and made sure that we all were able to experience the program to our best capabilities.” Jane from Ithaca, N.Y. | Road Scholar Class of ‘18
      2. You don’t have to hike alone.
        Join a women’s-only hiking group, and you’ll never be on the trails alone! You’ll hike with a group and be led by an expert Group Leader who not only knows hiking and the trails, but also will educate you on the wildlife and natural history of the area that you’re hiking!
        “I’m so glad as a solo hiker that I don’t have to look for others to hike with. I can just book and train for my next adventure, knowing I will be well taken care of while meeting new, strong, independent women like I met on the women’s-only hiking trip in the Rocky Mountain National Forest!” -Talley from Elk Grove, Calif. | Road Scholar Class of ‘19
      3. To experience the great outdoors.
        Road Scholar offers lots of Women’s-Only trips in iconic cities and charming towns around the world, but these women’s-only hiking retreats offer a chance to be one with nature — the perfect way to de-stress and reset from the busy lives you lead at home.
        “If your heart desires to be outdoors hiking, seeing and touching God's vast creation, and you want to challenge yourself physically and spiritually, all while being part of a women’s hiking group of professional, independent and courageous women, than these programs are right for you.” -Laleh from Plano, Texas | Road Scholar Class of ‘18
      4. To meet other active women.
        There’s something special about experiencing an active outdoor adventure with a group of fellow open-minded women over 50. You’ll empower each other to take on challenges, and maybe even walk away with some lifelong friends and future hiking companions!
        “This women’s hiking trip was an incredible journey for me! Our group of women were wonderful, and I hope this is the beginning of long friendships with some of them. A must if you like an adventurous challenge! Would do this again in a heartbeat!” -Rita from Media, Pa | Road Scholar Class of ‘17

      Hiking Tips for Women Who Hike (and Beginners, Too!)
      Memoirist Lori Oliver-Tierney was fifty years old when she hiked the John Muir Trail, and she has lots of lessons to share! Check out her hiking tips for women who hike and women just starting out, too!

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