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If you believe in lifelong learning, we need you now.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the entire Road Scholar community to put their plans on hold, but Road Scholar is still here, standing by, waiting to serve you when the time is right. Until that time comes, we ask you to stand by us. Now more than ever, Road Scholar is relying on the generosity of our community to help ensure that we can continue providing impactful learning opportunities for decades to come.

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The Ripple Effect

When you support Road Scholar, you’re standing by …

More Than 100,000 Older Adults Every Year

Road Scholar serves over 100,000 lifelong learners every year, creating over 100,000 educational opportunities around the globe. But our programs aren’t vacations. Our learning adventures provide life-changing experiences for people who would not otherwise be able to connect in such a deep and impactful way with locals around the world, as well as their fellow participants.

When you give to Road Scholar, you’re supporting people like Leslie from Berlin, Maryland.

“As a former adult educator, communications skills coach and lifelong learner, I was reminded of the fun of teaching and sharing with other adults who share a passion for personal growth," says Leslie. "There is so much to learn no matter what your age and to be able to share it with your peers in a Road Scholar setting was a joy to me both as a student and an observer of other learners.”

Including More Than 20,000 Solo Travelers …

More than a quarter of our participants travel solo. We hear time and time again that Road Scholar provided an opportunity for them to explore the world on their own, and that the welcoming participants they met on their program made them feel truly welcomed.

When you give to Road Scholar, you support solo travelers like Kelley from Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“This program gave me the confidence in my ability to push outside my comfort zone," says Kelley. "My husband and soul mate passed away three years ago. I have been forced to face my grief and evolve personally into the best person I can be. The program proved to me that I can still enjoy two of the things I really love, learning and travel, on my own. The trip made me feel more hopeful and helped me to believe I can move forward in light, beyond my sadness. For that, I will always be grateful for this opportunity to become a Road Scholar.”

… More Than 10,000 Grandparents and Grandchildren …

Learning about the world is made all the more magical when you can share a learning adventure with your grandchild. From Pennsylvania to Paris, our Grandparent Adventures provide incomparable bonding opportunities for kids and their grandparents to create lifelong memories together.

When you give to Road Scholar, you’re supporting grandparents like Jean from Midreshet Ben Gurion, Israel.

“Our Road Scholar Costa Rica trip provided a great way to bond with my 13-year-old grandson in a fun and fascinating learning adventure," says Jean. "I know we'll always remember this special time we spent together floating and rowing and zipping through tropical forests, with amazing plants and creatures all around us.”

… More Than 100 Family Caregivers …

At Road Scholar, we acknowledge the weighty responsibility carried by all adults who serve as family caregivers for ill or disabled relatives. That’s why we award 100 Caregiver Grants each year to these devoted individuals. The warm, welcoming and friendly nature of our learning adventures provides a much-needed respite from the emotional and physical demands of being a caregiver.

When you give to Road Scholar, you’re supporting caregivers like Caroll from Edgewater, Florida.

“I want to thank you for the joy and opportunity of a lifetime," says Caroll. "This learning adventure buoyed my spirits. I can actually still travel alone, meet new people, and do new and exciting things with great enthusiasm and gusto — that is wonderful for my exhausted spirit to know. The best part of this experience has been meeting people who are willing to give to allow restoration of my soul and spirit. It is so appreciated. I have a new lease on life and will never forget this beautiful time.”

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… and More Than 300 Scholarship Recipients

Road Scholar’s mission is to provide educational opportunities for as many lifelong learners as we can, but we acknowledge that even our highly affordable programming is still out of reach for many people, economically. That’s why each year Road Scholar awards more than 300 Scholarships to lifelong learners without the financial means to participate in our learning adventures.

When you support Road Scholar, you’re supporting lifelong learners like Janet from Cleveland, Ohio.

“With the sincere wish that my words express my deep appreciation, I thank you," says Janet. "I am a retired teacher, but because of unusual circumstances, my income is now very limited. The opportunity to travel, learn, explore new places and meet intelligent, great people has made my life complete. Reflections upon these lectures, the wonderful camaraderie and exciting adventure have sustained me. I cannot thank you enough.”

Thousands of Group Leaders, Instructors and Small Business Owners Around the World

The impact of more than 100,000 Road Scholar participants every year on local communities can be felt as far away as a schoolhouse in Africa or as close as the Katy Trail bike route in Missouri. And it’s not just the direct economic benefit to these communities Road Scholars bring, it’s the exchange of ideas and sharing of enthusiasm and goodwill that perhaps makes the greatest difference of all.

When you give to Road Scholar, you support local community members like Javier from Havana, Cuba.

“My family and I have to thank Road Scholar for many things,” says Javier. “Thanks to Road Scholar, I have been able to support my family, repair my home and help other family members who live faraway. At the same time it, has been a very good way to show the love of the Cuban people to their brothers and sisters in the USA. I have made many friends with very good people who represent the best values of the American people. I dream of the day Road Scholar will come back to Cuba. Many people here need your message of peace, love and friendship.”

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More Than 500 Dedicated Staff Members

Our team has worked tirelessly for our participants, in the face of pay and benefit cuts, including some who are forgoing their salaries entirely. When you give to Road Scholar, you’re giving to the dedicated, thoughtful, innovative, caring team who make your learning adventures possible, as well as their families at home who they support.

When you give to Road Scholar, you support people like Travel Services Manager Kailyn Courts from Portland, Oregon.

“Road Scholar isn’t just the place I work, it’s my second home," says Kailyn. "My co-workers are like family. Not everyone is lucky enough to be passionate about the mission of the organization they work for. I feel so grateful to be a part of this remarkable team at Road Scholar.”


The ripple effect of the coronavirus pandemic has been unimaginable, but the ripple effect of your support can be stronger. Thank you for standing by us!